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7 Proposal Flowers That Will Make Your Lover’s Face Smiley

Flowers are the best way of conveying feelings especially to that someone you love. But are you confused which flower to select and propose him or her? Well, we are here to help you out. In this blog, we have curate seven types of different flowers that will make your lover’s face smile broad. Have a look at it, and give them according to the style and personality.

1] Gerbera Daisies


There are many options available in daises. Gerbera is one of many popular choices that come into bright and gorgeous colors. The daisies represent innocence and happiness. Since they are all about signifying happiness, you can also buy flowers for birthday gifts and express your message. Birthday Gerbera Daisies when you wish to begin a new relationship or friendship into something more with the special one.

What message to write?

“It’s my pleasure in knowing you and I wish to know you more. Accept the flowers as my token of affection.”

2] Tulips

Tulips are for the happy-go-lucky kind of people. They are available in an array of colors. From bright red, yellow, purple, white and many other shades. Tulips represent that spring has finally arrived and it’s time to celebrate love. It blooms for 3-7 days only. Red tulip expresses about love whereas when you offer white tulip it means an apology. You can give a bouquet of tulip blooms on the birthday, relationship or even an anniversary.

 What message to write?

You can include a message like – “I am more than happy to meet you over a random cup of coffee, hoping to see you on many more dates and fun conversations.”

3] Blue Iris

An elegant and gorgeous flower that is often considered as a romantic gift is the blue iris. It is the Greek Goddess of love and conveys about hope and belief. The blue iris is a brilliant gifting option especially on birthday, anniversaries or Valentine’s Day as well. No matter what time you offer blue iris, it is always going to be appreciated.

What message to write?

“I am falling in love with you every day and keep loving you forever for everything you have given me. “

4] Peonies

The common meaning of peonies is romance, prosperity, and fortune. It is given for a happy marriage. So, if you are celebrating your wedding anniversary then you can gift a bouquet of peonies and offer through flower delivery Spain.

What message to write?

“I cherish your presence in my life every day. Thank you for everything, my love. I love you with everything I have. Let’s grow old together.”

5] Roses

If there’s one flower that we all know how it signifies love, then its roses. The eternal and popular gorgeous look of roses leaves a lasting impression on your beloved. Simply get a bunch of red roses to give it to your dear one. Whether you offer it on the anniversary, birthday or any other day – the roses will express your true love.

What message to write?

“Happy Anniversary my love, my soul mates. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for coming in my life.”

6] Stargazer Lily

For anyone who wishes to give a dramatic and bold touch can go for the stargazer lilies. Select the brilliant pink and pair it up with the white accents to gift your sweetheart. If she or he loves to add bright feel into the office or home, then stargazer lilies are an ideal choice. It expresses wealth and prosperity.

What message to write?

“The gorgeous flowers made me think about your smile and how you bring happiness in my life every day. I love you!”

7] Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is also known as the Peruvian lily that stands out of the crowd. It does say love but also considered as devotion like a romantic one. If you want to show the loyalty and beauty give purple Alstroemeria. For expressing the love you can give a pink or red color Alstroemeria.

What message to write?

“You are special to me like these flowers. I cherish your love and time spent together with me.”

So, that was all about proposal flowers you can give to your sweetheart and make him or her feel special. Remember, what words couldn’t convey, the flower does. Hence, gift them and scribble down the messages expressing your love and warm feelings.

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