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7 cool fashion accessories for men

7 cool fashion accessories for men

This is an era of just not fashion enthusiast women but also of men. Most men take great care about their apparels but miss on the fine details. A suited booted attire might miss the limelight if the accessories are not right. Let us checkout the 7 most trendiest men accessories.


Just imagine…at the end of a romantic candle light you bring out a dull wallet….well the complete impression which you created throughout the evening blows off just in a second! Yes, wallets and bags form an integral part of men’s fashion. If it is a casual outing you can opt for a bit chunky or heavy wallets like the tactical military wallet.If it is a formal event, slim leather purses are the best choice, like the Calvin Klein blue bifold  wallet. Besides the traditional colours of blue, black and brown, men can experiment with  beige, maroon and oxblood. So now use wallets just not to keep money but also to showcase your taste for fashion.


  • Coin wallet
  • Bifold wallets
  • Trifold wallets
  • Money clip wallets
  • Hybrid slim wallets

Tip: Use leather conditioners to retain the shine of leather wallets.


Using the same boring bag everyday to office? Time to change! Choose from a wide range of genuine leather messenger bags (like the Jack Georges Voyager Messenger Bag) to match your everyday style. The messenger or laptop bags come with multiple storage slots to help men keep their office stuff organised. Briefcases serve the best purpose only on formal meetings. Black, brown, carbon, tan and teak wood are some of the most sophisticated colour bags which go perfectly with office attire.

Duffel bags are immensely popular among travel lovers. Strong and sturdy built to resist the wear and tear or weight of heavy gym tools make duffle bags so popular. You can choose from a wide range of vintage, leather and polyester material.

Last but not the least, men love their backpacks. From trekking to casual day outs, guys are always ready to carry a backpack!


  • Satchels
  • Briefcases
  • Hobo bags
  • Duffle bags
  • Messenger bags

Tip: Clean the leather, polyester or nylon bags using a dry cloth.


Little things can bring a change in personality of men; belts are one such accessory. While the tan, brown, black suede and leather belts give a simple look to the attire, the colourful belts add a peppy look on the dance nights. Designers have just not experimented with the colour and material of the belts but also with the wear style; pull and twist closure, tang closure, push pin closures are to name a few.


  • Dress belts
  • Jeans belts
  • Casual belts
  • Formal belts
  • Canvas belts

Tip: Clean, dry cloth should be used to wipe off any dust from the belts.

Hats & Scarves

Scarves can add a pop of colour to your entire winter attire. If you want to stand out in the crowd there are scarves available even for hot weathers. Beanies, baseball caps or bucket hats are some of the most preferred hats or caps these days. If bored with blue and black hats, try out hot colours like blaze orange, black- brown combinations or beige. So get a relaxed look with a brown safari hat on your next fishing spree or enhance the cool look with a bright green- black cap. Try out straw hats at the beaches and hats with real brim for a formal dinner.

Last but not the least; spandex face masks are a new entry in the collection of caps and hats.


  • Boater
  • Fedora
  • Top hat
  • Panama hat
  • Homburg hat

Tip: Machine wash is preferred for both cotton and polyester made caps and hats. 


Ties have been a favourite accessory for men since 1820. The standard ties in use range between 52 and 58 inches. If you are thinking that ties are just to impress your boss or client that is incorrect. A gorgeous maroon tie in silk fibre can even impress your beloved. Via is the most common type in use and the regular colours which you can see are black, blue, pink, maroon and gold. So what kind of work you may do or what may be the occasion, tie is an evergreen jewellery piece for men.


  • Bow tie
  • Ascot tie
  • Apron tie
  • Cravat tie
  • Windsor Tie

Tip: Ties, irrespective of the material, should always be dry cleaned. 


Do you love to experiment with your looks? The wide range of sunglasses available at the online stores spoil you for choices. Fake eye glasses are just not in, this summer. Rectangle, aviator, oval, square, wayfarer and round, there are loads of designer sunglasses to replace the fake eyeglasses. Confused which design to choose? Well, experts suggest that round faces look better with rectangular sunglasses while faces with sharp features like a strong jawline can opt for round glasses. Rock the party with thick resin frames or make your eyes stylish and fun with silver toned and metal frames. Step out in style with polycarbonate, inlayed and polarised lens (and not glass lens) to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.


  • Metal sunglasses
  • Clip on sunglasses
  • D- frame sunglasses
  • Round vintage sunglasses
  • Heavy brow line sunglasses

Tip:Only use the cloth provided with the sunglass to clean the dirt and grime.

Gloves & Mittens

Winter can be the perfect time to enjoy fashion fiesta. How? Get the most stylish gloves and mittens in your wardrobe to keep you warm on snowy days. Snow, ski or just walk hand in hand with your beloved on the white snow carpet with embroidered mittens and leather gloves.  Gloves are also a mandate accessory for bikers. There are special padded gloves available in the market which offer both comfort and right grip to the bike riders. Besides leather, synthetic and woollen gloves and mittens are also popular these days.


  • Winter gloves
  • Athletic gloves
  • Evening gloves
  • Protective gloves
  • Fingerless gloves

Tip: Machine wash the mittens and wipe the gloves with a clean dry cloth to retain the new look for a long time. 

So why wait? Give an edge to your confidence by shopping above mentioned fashion accessories for men at TrueGether which is the best place to sell online besides eBay across the globe.

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