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6 Healthy Recipes for Children at Mumbai Square

6 Healthy Recipes for Children at Mumbai Square

With children it can be a challenge to eat healthy, especially vegetables? No, they do not like it. Brown bread? They would rather just be white. And what do they want? Well, actually mainly cookies or frankfurters. See then all the necessary nutrients to get inside!

Yet it is also really impossible to let children eat healthy. With a little creativity, there are enough dishes that are also appreciated by the younger family members. In this blog we give you some useful tips, and no less than 6 healthy recipes for children!

Tips healthy eating for children

It sometimes seems as if children consciously avoid everything that is healthy. However, there are often surprisingly good reasons for this. With the tips below it is easier to avoid: Actually, sometimes it become hard for parents to give healthy food to children, if you cannot follow these tips, than you should visit Mumbai Square, which is one of best Indian Restaurant in London UK. Mumbai Square various types of healthy recipes for children. Anyhow, let’s move towards tips, you need to follow.

  • Keep the taste mild. Children have much more sensitive palates than adults. Strong herbs and other strange flavors are therefore much more overwhelming and therefore more difficult to eat. Do not make the food spicy and do not use very bitter or very sour flavors.
  • A bite to taste. In order to find a new flavor, you must first have tasted it a few times. A very small snack is enough for that! If you do not want too much whining about vegetables, for example, let them only eat a spoon a few times to get used to. More than that is not necessary – those probably only causes those to hate the food in question even more.
  • Cook together. Unknown food is always difficult for children. By letting them help with cooking, they become more familiar with it. Let them make small choices – what kind of pasta we use? Do we purify the soup or not? The more control a child has, the sooner the food just goes on.
  • Do not emphasize that something is healthy. Many children automatically assume that healthy eating is dirty. ‘It’s healthy’ is not a good argument if you want them to just eat their plate. Simply put the food on the table as a treat. In this way you prevent that dichotomy between ‘tasty’ and ‘healthy’ as much as possible.

Healthy recipes for children

Of the recipes below for children it is incredibly easy to present them as a treat. Secretly they are also full of nutrients – but you do not have to tell them.

  1. Oatmeal pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast sound like an unhealthy treat – but you do not have to! For example, our oatmeal pancakes are very nutritious. For example, eat them with apple and sweet nut butter, or with cottage cheese and strawberries. This way your child immediately has those two pieces of fruit inside.

  1. Banana bread

Banana bread is incredibly versatile: you eat it for breakfast, as a snack or even as a dessert. And that while it really is not unhealthy. There is also endless variation: for example make a chocolate variant, or add red fruit to the batter. Guaranteed a favorite in every lunchbox.

  1. Quesadillas with vegetables

Looking for a healthy way to smuggle some vegetables at lunch. Quesadillas are an ideal way. The basis is very easy: two wraps with cheese in between, grilling and ready. However, there is enough health to do with it, especially if you use wholegrain wraps.

How about a caprese quesadilla with tomato and basil? Or a quesadilla with cheese, avocado and spinach? Serve some raw vegetables, such as cucumber and peppers, and you have a very nutritious meal.

  1. Cauliflower pizzas

Pizza is an absolute favorite in many households. And yes, in the right way, it certainly falls into the category of healthy recipes for children! The trick: make a bottom of cauliflower. That is very simple: 800 g of cauliflower, 100 g of cashew nuts and 150 g of Parmesan in a blender.

Mix with two eggs and a spoonful of oregano spread out on a baking tin and bake for 30 minutes at 200 degrees. You can then invest the pizzas with your own toppings.

If you want to make it even easier, you can also buy a ready-made cauliflower base at the Albert Heijn supermarket. There is less cauliflower in it – about 40% – but it still contains more vegetables than a standard ready-to-eat pizza!

  1. Chicken-vegetable chops

Another fast food product that is not ready to go: chicken nuggets. Fortunately, however, there is plenty to improve here too! You can easily hide extra vegetables in homemade chicken nuggets.

Mix 400 g chicken breast, half a winter carrot and half a zucchini (in pieces) in a blender to form a cohesive mixture. Season with pepper and salt, and possibly a hint of mustard if your children like to eat, form nugget forms of the mixture. Get it one after the other by a plate with flour, a beaten egg and breadcrumbs. Bake the nuggets for 10 to 15 minutes at 200 degrees golden brown.

You can also freeze the unbaked nuggets. That way you always have something healthy on hand, as a snack or for an evening meal.

  1. Vegetable sauce for the pasta

Finally, another classic: pasta sauce with vegetables. You can process everything here. By then pureeing the pasta sauce, it is hardly noticeable that there are vegetables in it.

Fruit, for example, a finely chopped onion, adds a zucchini and two peppers, and add 400 g of tomato cubes. Season to taste with some stock, salt and pepper, and puree with the hand blender. Serve the pasta sauce for example with wholemeal spaghetti and meatballs. Or eat it with cubes of chicken for a somewhat slimmer day.


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