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5 Things Go Wrong About Customized Furniture

Are you thinking of buying a few pieces of customized furniture? Well, the trend these days is to save time, and hence, people are opting more and more for customized furniture. While there is one group that is pro buying readymade furniture, there are others who will not go for anything other than custom made furniture. So, what are you thinking of going for?

Well, custom made furniture has always been a favourite. Though it comes with its fair share of trouble, yet if you can get it right with the right guidance, then it will last you a lifetime. It is best to be aware of the setbacks so that you can bypass them when it comes to actually getting a piece for yourself. So, what are the things which are most likely to go wrong when it comes to customized furniture?

Let’s take a look:

  • First and foremost, the strongest suit of customized furniture can turn out to be its bane if not checked properly and that is the quality of the raw material. If the raw material is not of good quality and you end up spending quite a lot for your beloved custom-made piece, then it will really not be worth the investment. So, run a quality check of the raw material before the creation process starts and of course be well informed yourself so that you do not get duped.
  • If you do not get your furniture piece customized from a reliable furniture store, then there are chances that they might get the measurement wrong. Often it has been seen that after the entire piece is made, it does not fit into space because the carpenter got the measurement wrong – even an inch can make a lot of difference. So, it is best that you yourself get the measurements right and then keep on harping on that fact so that the measurements are kept in mind by the manufacturer and they do not get it wrong.
  • It can be a major problem if the stitching of the fabric is not right. You have to make sure that the fabric is stitched to perfection and the stitches are absolutely in place because, if there is a loose end, then it might lead to dismantling the entire fabric set. In order to avoid this disaster, always check it before making the final purchase.
  • Another thing that can go wrong is damage to the furniture piece in the process of it being delivered. So, always check it properly before signing the delivery papers or you can request for on-site installation.
  • The prices can rocket high if you are not careful. Customized furniture can either be expensive or cheap, depending on how you decide to go about it – the raw material, the fabric material etc. In our bid to get the best, we often tend to overlook the budget. However, if your purse strings are tight, then it is best to make sure that you go for something which will come within it and whatever you spend, make sure you are spending it on quality material.

These are 5 of the most common things that are most likely to go wrong when it comes to customized furniture. But if you are a little careful, then these can be avoided with ease!

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