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5 Days Bhutan Tour – What to Do and Visit

Everyone plans a trip to Bhutan but not all are aware of how & what to do in this ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’ when there’s less time. And surprisingly even a whole life isn’t enough for this land that’s gifted with beauty & brilliance of Himalaya. There’s nature and there’re adventures, festivals, cultural tours, sightseeing, custom tours, and finally the unique tradition & culture of Bhutan.

Don’t worry if you have less than a week to stay and drench in the beauty of Bhutan. Here are the things to do in Bhutan & visit to get the maximum out of your Bhutan visit.


We don’t know what comes to your mind when we say rafting. Probably strong currents, shift waters, unexpected ups & downs, sharp turns, and finally screams with joy. However, if you’re thinking the same is the case with rafting in Bhutan then you’re wrong. Rafting here is unlike the stereotype and is a pleasure-filled water journey. Imagine yourself gently floating across the soft-flowing rivers while your eyes are soaking in the beauty of rare birds, steep hills, and green lands. Sounds serene, isn’t it?

Best rafting spots: Po Chu River & Mo Chu river

Best time: March to May/October to November.

Attend Bhutan festivals:

Bhutan is the nation where you find happiness all through the place and people. It is acknowledged as the country with ‘Gross National Happiness’. The culture & tradition here have festivals (Tsechus )round the year and in fact, there are more festivals than in India. A festival tour will surely kindle your spirits and let you know how social gatherings like these build relationships & carry the culture to the next generations.

Plan your tour according to major festivals like Matsutake Tshechu, Merak Tshechu, Monggar Tshechu, and others. Festivals are celebrated year-long across different monasteries, Dzongs, and temples. Depending on your interest and time, pick one or two festivals and see the joy of participating in the world-famous mask dance, sword dance, and other activities conducted as part of festivals.

  • Location: All over Bhutan
  • Best time: Create a tour plan based on festival dates.

Dochula Pass:

This pass is a perfect example of picturesque tourist attractions in Bhutan and is located above 10,000 feet from the sea level. From Thimpu to Punakha this is the most visited destination by foreign tourists. 108 Chortens, snow-draped mountains, and colorful flying flags are a treat to watch. Spare your time to carefully walk through the Druk Wangyal Chorten built by eldest Queen Mother, Her Majesty Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuk.

Druk Wangyal Lhakhang shrine and the chortens together will make your life. For better experience plan your visit when the Dochu La Wangyal festival is celebrated.

  • Location: On the east-west side of the road from Punakha to Thimpu.
  • Best time: March to May/September to November.

These are the top tourist places in Bhutan to visit. Make time at least once in a lifetime to pay your visit to Bhutan.

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