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Home Entertainment What Is You Prediction On The Upcoming 2019 Election?

What Is You Prediction On The Upcoming 2019 Election?

Though there is an year time for the 2019 election, things have started changing drastically, and all the political parties are framing and implementing their strategies to strengthen their parties. Some parties may use the old-fashioned technique for empowering their party wherein some other parties will bring new trend setting strategies. Irrespective of the strategies or techniques a political party uses, but ultimately it is in the hands of public to elect a leader of their choice as India is a democratic country. So, what are your predictions for 2019 election?

Will BJP comes back as a single largest party? Will Congress gain more seats and doubles its strength? BJP may come out as a single major party in 2019 election but it is not that easy to win as it did in 2014 election. As there is a tough competition with other political parties like Congress, AAP, JDS, DMK, Shiv Sena, and many more. This time there are chances to have neck to neck fight between UPA and NDA. The results of Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh legislative assembly will have great impact on 2019 election. It is predicted that UPA will seek support from DMK, Samajwadi party, RJD, TMC, ML and JDS whereas on the other hand NDA tenders support from AIADMK, Shiv Sena, ApnadalAkalidal, JDU, LJP, PDP and TDP. BJP is estimated to win 180-190 seats and Congress may win 120-130 seats. If a new coalition is formed between BSP, SP and Congress then an additional 60-70 seats can be obtained. According to the statistics, there are great opportunities for NDA and UPA to form a new government in 2019.

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