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2018 is The Year of Smartphones And You Need to Upgrade Now! 

2018 is the year of smartphones and you need to upgrade now! 

The era of smartphones took a start almost a decade ago and since then, hundreds of international brands have contributed in expanding and revolutionizing the industry and market. New features and specifications are being added into the smartphones that have completely changed the lifestyle of a layman. People now get their hands on a new smartphone considering every advanced addition that could help make things easier for them.

So much so, the search for mobile phones in Pakistan has become easier than ever. Anyone who wants a smartphone for themselves can easily access a lot of variety at local markets. There are tens of great online stores that sell all kinds of smartphones at comparative rates.

How have smartphones influenced our lifestyle? 

It seems just another day operating your smartphone to manage all your daily activities but is surely a long story that we need to look at. Here is how smartphones have revolutionized our lifestyle. Happy reading!

  1. Access to a world of knowledge 

The smartphone in your pocket provides you an unlimited and seamless access to a world of knowledge through the internet and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Bing. From anything you want to learn to daily news and updates from every corner of the world, you can access anything and everything through your smartphone. Using Google Maps while travelling and listening to the most gifted and the most talented people in the world has been made possible through your smartphone only.

  1. Connections with people around the globe 

With this smartphone in your hand, you can easily connect with people around you. Be it a friend you want to meet for lunch or a client you want to communicate something, texting apps have made it possible for you to deliver messages instantly. All the latest mobile phones in Pakistan being offered by MyGerrys have many built-in applications that you should be using on a daily basis.

  1. Keeping yourself fit and healthier 

The availability of numerous fitness and health applications on your mobile have made it easier for us to keep a track of our nutrition and physical activities. We can now control the amount of calories we intake and the number of steps we have to ensure everyday. Watching health and fitness videos on YouTube proves to very helpful for someone who is looking to improve his or her health.

  1. Taking part in social causes 

We have seen a numerous times that a lot of social causes are dealt with through social media. From people donating online to them taking part in social media campaigns to influence a change, all of this has proved that the advent of smartphones had a great impact in human society.


The trend of online mobile shopping in Pakistan and you can buy latest mobile phones in Pakistan from all the top brands and latest models. Get yourself a latest smartphone and upgrade your life the way you want.


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