Wonderful Uses of Meditation

Most of us are aware that Meditation is very good for health. Meditation is a way of attaining relaxation. It is about de-concentration and becoming thoughtless while meditating. Some of the uses of meditation are a calm mind, good concentration, better clarity, improved communication, rejuvenation and relaxation of the body and mind. In what way is the meditation useful will be unveiled in this article.

Healthy Uses of meditation

By doing medidtation, the physiology undergoes a change because of which every cell in the body gets filled with more energy (prana). It lowers blood lactate levels, lowers high blood pressure and thus reduces anxiety attacks. It also decreases the tensions related pain like tension headaches, insomnia, ulcers, joints and muscle problems. Increases the production of serotonin that improves behaviour and mood. It also helps in improving immune system.

Mental Benefits of meditation

By doing meditation, mind becomes delicate, beautiful and fresh. It nourishes and cleanses you from within and calms you, whenever you feel emotionally shut down, unstable, or overwhelmed.