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Why Is Ketomac Shampoo The Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo?

Winter season is accompanied by dry skin and various scalp problems. One of the common problems faced during this season is dandruff. Our scalp needs mosturization and extra care so as to prevent scalp problems.  Regular oiling can add nourishment to the scalp. A good shampoo to cleanse can further help. A good anti dandruff shampoo is utmost important to keep the scalp healthy. One such shampoo is ketomac shampoo.  ketomac review are positive which proves that shampoo actually works.

Key ingredients

The key ingredient of ketomac shampoo is ketoconazole. This helps to fight the dandruff. Even the doctors recommend this shampoo to get rid of the stubborn dandruff. Dandruff not only results in public embarrassment but also causes hair fall. The scalp becomes itchy and due to itching the roots become weak and thus hair fall. So when looking to treat hair fall first you have to treat dandruff.

How to use

Apply this shampoo for 5 minutes on wet hairs. The shampoo can be applied twice a week for atleast a month. Once the scalp is dandruff free the shampoo can be applied once a week to prevent reoccurrence of shampoo.

Advantages of ketomac shampoo

As we know ketoconazole is the key ingredient of ketomac shampoo. This ingredient helps in elimination of dandruff. This ingredient helps in killing the main fungus. The cell walls of this fungus are destroyed which actually are the root cause of its survival. This shampoo is very useful in reducing dandruff but the action on hairs in quite gentle. This shampoo can be used on dyed, coloured or gel applied hairs. So to get freedom from the dandruff get this shampoo home today.

Why only ketomac shampoo

A question that pops up in mind of many users is that when the market is flooded with so many anti dandruff shampoos then why to opt for ketomac shampoo. This is because

  1. It helps in controlling dandruff
  2. It has managed to live up to the claims made. ketomac dandruff shampoo review are a proof of this.
  3. Prevents reoccurring of dandruff.
  4. Its action starts from first application.
  5. Suited for all hair types.
  6. Reduces itching
  7. It is pocket friendly and easy to use

Thing to remember

It is necessary to oil the hairs before washing hairs with ketomac shampoo.

Side effects

There may be some minor side effects in few people. The mild side effects include dry hairs and burning sensation etc.


The shampoo can cause irritation when comes in contact with eyes. So if shampoo comes in contact with eyes rinse it off immediately. If there is some chemical irritation the shampoo should be stopped immediately. Further the doctor should be consulted.

What happens if a dose is missed?

Avoid missing any dose of shampoo, although if you miss it then take it immediately. Also remember if the time for next dose is near then skip the missed dose and continue with regular dose. Avoid double dose in any case.

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