Used vehicles for sale in San Francisco

Used vehicles for sale in San Francisco

Purchasing a vehicle can be a huge burden on one’s finances. Many would prefer to buy second-hand cars since they are easy on the budget. However, you may consider buying pre-owned cars to be a risky option and possibly a hassle. These fears can be put to rest by Hollimon Transportation, a well reputed organization, established to assist you in acquiring pre-owned vehicles of your choice.

 Hollimon Transportation at your service:

Hollimon Transportation is experienced in procuring and providing used vehicles for sale in San Francisco. We have been dealing in automotive for the past 75 years serving the people of Texas with dedication and commitment. We employ trained professionals with knowledge and experience, who will guide you in every.

 Our inventory:

Our dealers are always on the look-out for vehicles to add to the inventory, so that we can cater to anyone who comes to us with great expectations. We are connected to a number of sources, with access to a variety of vehicles that helps us obtain the car you want. You can visit our website to view the available inventory or just add in the details of your desired vehicle to find what you are looking for.


Interested in buying a car but you still have a car to dispose of, for the new one to take its place?

You might still be looking for a place to sell off your car to obtain the additional money. Does the thought of undergoing all that hassle make you… stressed?

Having to make double transactions – one for selling, one for buying – can prove to be a complicated task. We understand and that is why we facilitate people willing to make an exchange. Our dealers will take the current car off your hands in exchange for one of ours. We will even consider cars that are not yet fully paid for. 

Great prices and easy financing:

You can now obtain used cars for sale in San Francisco at exceptional prices. We will provide you with the cars at less than the blue book value that will be within your reach. You can even find new, used cars at great prices. And it’s not just the prices, even our financing facilities present great ease.

Hollimon Transportation has been working consistently on automobile financing to continuously create better options for you. We have established strong relationships with numerous lenders in the lending industry so that we can make your buying experience much easier. The result of these relationships is that it has led us to become the one entity in Texas with an unprecedented 95% credit approval rate.


Hollimon transportation offers warranty options unlike any other. Our customers get a warranty on every car they purchase for the first 5000 miles in first 3 months. After that, they can also avail at least 20 extended warranty options for their purchase.


Hollimon Transportation can also arrange for your car to be shipped to you. You can select any one of the shipping service providers that we have partnered with. To find out the estimated costs of shipping you can visit the shipping page on our website or contact us at (832)740-4863.