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Top 5 Birthday Reminder Apps For Android Users

Top 5 Birthday Reminder Apps For Android Users

Today we’re all living busy lives and there’s so much that we have to deal with which certainly makes it harder to track down everything that we have to. It is common to miss deadlines just because we forget about them amidst all the engagements we have. And, how often does it happen that we forget the birthdays of our loved ones? Yes, that’s a routine matter for many of us. However, it doesn’t really have to be like that because we have some cool Birthday Reminder apps around that come with host of useful features. So, let’s just not waste any time and get straight into exploring these cool applications that Android users can take advantage of.

  1. Birthdays For Android

It’s quite a simple app when it comes to using it as you are required to login using your account on Facebook and the rest will be taken care of for you automatically. The app is perfect for you if you need a quick reminder about upcoming birthdays. Yes, you can set online alarm to wake up at 12 AM and wish birthdays to your loved ones but if you totally forget the date of your Dad’s birthday then this is the app you need. The app is quite simple and easy to use and tells you whose birthday is coming up.


  • One click Facebook integration
  • No ads within the app
  • Tracking of Western and Chinese zodiac signs

What Makes It The Best?

Probably, the best feature of the app is that it lets you save your birthdays on the external storage too. If you have OTG connectivity or microSD card functionality on your smartphone, the saved birthdays can be transferred easily to some new device.

  1. Birthdays

Don’t get confused by the name, it’s another app that goes with almost the same name as the one above. The app features a solid interface that allows for easy navigation. You can also import birthdays from Facebook directly. Reminders are displayed in status bar to constantly remind you of any current and upcoming birthdays.


  • Option to import only the desired contacts
  • You can add reminders to already ringing reminder
  • Easy access through widgets of various sizes

What Makes It The Best?

The app allows you to type custom messages that allow you to almost automatically send your birthday wishes.

There is a paid version of the app as well that allows you to get rid of those annoying ads. The ads in free version keep changing alarmingly quickly and make it really hard for you to enjoy your experience with the app. So, if you feel good using the free app but don’t want to see those annoying ads then you should upgrade to the paid version.

  1. Birthday Calendar

Yes, just as its name suggests, the app gives you a perfect calendar for your birthdays. All the birthdays are extracted from your account on Facebook and they are then mapped cleanly on the app’s calendar. Well, that’s all you can do with this app but, believe it or not, the app is very efficient when it comes to doing it.

In addition, it sets automatic reminders as well to alert you about the current and upcoming birthdays. Automated birthday messages can also be used for wishing your loved ones in busy times.


  • Import birthdays in an easy and simple fashion
  • Contacts have pictures associated to them for easy recognition but it works if you have at least 1000 FB friends
  • Shows how many days are remaining till the birthday

What Makes It The Best?

The app can be used for sending direct messages on Facebook and you don’t have to bother about opening the dedicated app for sending your wishes to your loved ones.

  1. Life Reminders

Though not a dedicated birthday reminder app, you can use Life Reminders to remind yourself of just about everything and birthdays aren’t an exception. From graduation parties to anniversaries and from loan payments to business meetings, you can set dedicated reminders for just about everything. So, if you want a reminder on a single birthday without having to care at all about birthdays of all your friends on Facebook, Life Reminders is a perfect app for you. You can effectively create manual entries within the app as well.


  • A smooth, seamless, and clean interface
  • Multiple languages
  • Good management on the main page

What Makes It The Best?

The app allows you to ensure that you add just about every single detail when setting reminders. Obviously, when you have to manage the birthday party on your own, every single detail will matter the most.

  1. Birthday Calendar

This is another cool birthday reminder app that goes with the same name as the one mentioned above. The app allows you to easily import birthdays and map them to a cool calendar. It comes with a wonderful interface that lets you easily browse through the months to track birthdays. It can also remind you automatically about birthdays coming up through a push notification and that’s something you’d love if you have a habit of forgetting important birthdays. The birthday wishes can be sent directly from Birthday Calendar app and you don’t have to do that separately from your messaging app.

The entries can also be edited on calendar as you can’t always rely on the birthdays your friends have added on their Facebook account.


  • Easy birthday importing from Facebook
  • There are no ads within the app which is definitely great
  • Set time for your reminders

What Makes It The Best?

The best thing about this app is, probably, that it doesn’t consume too many resources which is normally the case with other apps that send push notifications. Besides, the app doesn’t show you any annoying ads either.

So, these are the top 5 birthday apps that you can use for reminding yourself of important birthdays on your Android device. Each one of them is as good as the others and it’s just the matter of which one you would like to go with. However, just try to stick to a single app for reminders because you’d not enjoy it when your smartphone will be sending you reminders all day long. So, just make your choice now and you won’t have to face embarrassment in front of your loved ones just because you forgot to wish them on their birthday.

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