Top 3 Mods for Kawasaki KX250F

Top 3 Mods for Kawasaki KX250F

Push farther and ride harder with an improved Kawasaki KX250F. Your classic dirt bike may already be winning races and powering through the mud, but that doesn’t mean that a few mods won’t make your ride more comfortable and efficient. Review the Top 3 Mods for Kawasaki KX250F and see for yourself just how much additional power and performance you can cram into your dirt bike.

  1.  Improved Suspension

The most used and abused system on your bike is your suspension. A Kawasaki KX250F comes with some impressive shocks, but rough riding can quickly wear it out. One too many jumps, dives or potholes can damage your suspension and make your bike dangerous and uncomfortable.

Invest in a new suspension system with just the right amount of travel. Don’t forget new linkage, fork seals and shocks as you replace all the necessary components and give your bike a new lift. Adjust the travel and resistance of your suspension to dial it in to your weight. That way, you can blast your way through an unforgiving course safely and comfortably.

  • Upgraded Exhaust

Even the best Kawasaki KX250F OEM parts can’t compare to some of the excellent aftermarket exhaust systems on the market. If your bike has been around the block for awhile now, you may have some rust forming on your exhaust. Restore the beautiful look and impressive horsepower of your Kawasaki KX250F by swapping out your rusted, old exhaust pipes for some killer new ones.

There are two basic options to choose from: a slip-on exhaust and a full exhaust replacement. Slip-on exhausts are more affordable and quickly snap on to the end of your tailpipe. However, full exhaust replacement systems can fix any rusted, cracked or bent exhaust pipe that may be holding your bike back.

An upgraded exhaust system can also improve the airflow of your bike, giving you better fuel economy, more horsepower and a louder, more impressive sound. Don’t let a wimpy exhaust hold you back, whether you’re racing around the track or having fun on an unmarked trail.

3.   Comfortable Handguards

Finally, a great way to stay safe during your ride is to grab some handguards. The last thing you want is flying gravel and mud to cake your handlebars. Particularly during a race, all that flying debris can bruise your hands and create slippery grips that could cause an accident.

Find a pair of handguards that are durable, aerodynamic and match the color and style of your Kawasaki KX250F for a perfect upgrade. A sleek alternative to extra-heavy gloves, handguards can help you stay in the lead on your next race. Consider other handlebar upgrades, like new controls or grips to keep you confidently in control of your Kawasaki KX250F.
Shop for your favorite aftermarket mods for motorcycles and genuine Kawasaki parts today. Don’t spend hours in a store trying to find the part you need, but browse parts quickly and conveniently online. Select your make, model and year of dirt bike and find all the parts and accessories that match your bike and can give you a competitive edge on race day.