Thinking of Recycling? Can you still sell blackberry torch 9800?

sell blackberry torch 9800

Released in 2010 Blackberry torch 9800 was one of the finest phones to carry around. Stylish, Sleek, and a modern design with some mesmerizing features like; being both touch and type, qwerty keyboard for smooth typing and a traditional task pad on front with other keys. Such a type was irresistible back in those days. To the finest quality with perfection, Blackberry was one of the leading manufacturers of cell phones of all time. And by all means was a type every businessman preferred. I remember it being known by this category “specially for businessmen”.

Business Users
Time has passed and in this run Samsung and iPhone took the lead in the competition. Indeed! There are many other brands out there performing well then many others as well as there are many about to come in this league. Brands strive to gain customers every single time they come up with something new or different. Only those brand loyal customers stick to one brand, others switch in an instant. And the one question that revolves in almost every person’s head is where to sell my phone? To sell my old phone for cash. This has been going on since ages and one can do nothing about it.


The thing we are concerned about for today is recycling of mobile phones. Every year one or other brand comes up with a new design or something that has upgraded features from the previous ones. This integers all those technology freaks to upgrade and change their mobiles. So what to do about the ones that we have already? Resale them to somebody who needs it? Keeping it as a backup phone in case of any emergency? Or just getting it recycled and be ecofriendly?

Trade in

All of these options are appropriate one could resale it to someone who has the phone and thinks to upgrade to the one you have. For this one can always compare and sell mobiles this will not only get to money for the next one but will also create a circle of connection with various people in the process. Now, recycling, many people still are unaware of the fact that there are now companies that help you recycle your products. And mobiles are one of them. Not to mention but many phone companies also have their specialized departments just to serve customers in this capacity. So if you are a sucker for new technology and wish to dispose of the old ones then recycling is the best option for you. Honestly, in this advanced era you can just ring them ( any specific recycling company ) they send you a package to and make sure you don’t pay any pennies for it all ;you have to do is tell them how they should pay you ( bank transfer or PayPal) and Voila! You just sold your old phone in some amount for recycling at the ease of home.


As far as torch 9800 is concerned, with a 3.2 inches screen, user friendly, OS 6.0, 5 mega pixel camera and a battery of 1300 MB, RAM 1300 AH.This phone isn’t that bad to be a backup phone with us. For a person like me who’s careless about everything that I hold in hand and honestly many times I got my phone broken, because of just one deadly fall. Despite of having my product insurance by the company the thought of selling my broken phone and I want to sell my phone no matter what revolved on my mind on continuous basis. Soon the time came when the phone that I longed for finally got its release date finalized and I had to sell my phone before that. In this particular kind of situation one must have a backup phone until you get to buy the new one, and for this torch 9800 is a best option to be In hand.

Recyclers are more than delighted to take off blackberry of your hands and honestly even though you want to keep it with you as a memory, a fun device or backup phone that might offer you something big in trade for blackberry torch 9800. This is one good option for people who hate stacking up mobiles in their closets every single time they buy a new phone. In case you think you need to compare and sell your phone online do not forget to visit to have best options amongst all.

I still have a memory of a friend that had an obsession with blackberry phones until the blackberry backed down in creating blackberry operating systems. He soon after shifting to IPhone 4s gave all of his mobile to the blackberry’s own recycling program. Wait! Didn’t you knew about it? Oh well now you do.

Blackberry Program

Blackberry has its own recycling program that is limited to united starts only, to save electronic waste. They have a number of plans and agreement’s that one has to go through before proceeding. Clean your mobile first (in case you have finally decided that you will be recycling torch 9800). By cleaning I mean clear all data, take backups on your laptop/desktop. Take off the battery and make sure you seal both the ends with tape. Seal the mobile and battery and all other accessories with it separately in a package. Then proceed to mail.

Our verdict over this whole recycling and selling torch 9800 is neutral. We think it is a one of a kind phone yes people out there still are brand loyal to blackberry( some only) and they are willing to pay accordingly for this phone. And it can still be used we think it’s a fun phone to have along because of its slide open and slide off features, one can simply have this as their backup phones. Finally the blackberry recycling program, we know there are millions of other private recyclers out there willing to pay you for torch but why there isn’t blackberry services in UK. It would be better if they start operating there as well.