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Things You Must Know about Tire’s Dry Rot

Is your tire affected by the dry rot? If it’s on the initial stage, you can do a few things to fix it. Here’s what you need to know about tire’s dry rot.

Dry rot negatively impacts the health & lifespan of the car tires. It occurs when tires get dry due to low air pressure, and exposure to UV rays of the sun. Not to mention, the grime accumulation also breaks down its rubber layers. Perhaps that’s the reason why the special tire protection care is imperative to prevent the dry rot. If it is not treated on the initial stage, it’ll completely damage tires causing them to be unsafe on the road.

How to Inspect the Damage?

For proper inspection, you need to examine where tires have become worn & where tire walls have been cracked from. The longer your car tyres will sit stagnantly & exposed to ultraviolet light, the higher the damage will be. If the damage is severe, the tires will need to be replaced.

Symptoms of Tire’s Dry Rot

  • You need to observe the tire very carefully. Cracks running down the sidewalls happen to be the very first sign of dry rot. In case the cracks are surrounded by discolored rubber, the dry rot has gone severe.
  • Though dry rot usually occurs on the tire’s sidewalls, it can affect the tread as well. Major cracking patterns include cracks running perpendicular to the tread as well as in between. Keep in mind! A good tread doesn’t indicate an absence of dry rot.
  • To get the clear idea of whether your tires are affected by the dry rot or not, you also need to touch the surface of the tire. In case you find the rubber dry, rigid or brittle, this is a warning sign.
  • When the dry rot goes severe, the tread starts to separate from the tire. If it occurs in the front tires, the steering wheel starts wobbling while driving at the low speeds. And if the tread separation occurs in any rear wheel, the whole car wobbles.

  How to Prevent the Dry Rot?

Regular Use

Make sure you use the tires regularly as it’ll place the rubber under stress. Due to which, the protective waxes will make their way to the tire surface. Even if you don’t use the car frequently, moving it in the garage will help keep this process of blooming on.

Protective Solution

To protect your tires from the dry rot, you should use a protective solution made for tires. This substance will coat the surface, creating a barrier to air & light. When you clean the tires, make sure you avoid the harsh chemicals and use auto soap instead. If you usually use the tire shine products, don’t use these any more as they’ll dissolve the protective wax from the tire surface thereby fastening its deterioration.


When you don’t use a car for long periods, make sure you keep 1-by-12 sized wooden boards under each tire. This will prevent concrete from absorbing moisture from the car tyres, causing it to dry. Besides, you can also remove and store the tires in a dark, cool place in air-tight polythene bags. It’ll be even better if you fill the compressed nitrogen gas in the bags as to reduce its exposure to air.

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