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These signals appear after meals, indicating that your stomach is not healthy

Although many people are chanting “health” in their mouths, they may not really be able to persist in life. It is inevitable that they will have a few glasses of wine when they meet happy things. It is inevitable that friends will gather together and stay up late to eat spicy hot pot.

Over time, although the spirit is satisfied, the body has issued a “alarm signal”, especially the fragile and sensitive stomach, but if you do not pay attention when eating, you will soon protest.

Gastrointestinal diseases are common in contemporary people. More than 90% of middle-aged people have varying degrees of gastrointestinal problems, although mild gastro-intestinal diseases are not serious enough to go to hospital. More or less will make life less happy, when the gastrointestinal disease is serious, it will induce a variety of chronic diseases.

Today, the dietitian in the Explosive Nutrition Class will talk to you: These signals appear after meals, indicating that your stomach is not healthy and teaches you how to raise your stomach.

Let us first say, what signals appear in the body after a meal means that the stomach may have problems:

First of all, the most common is diarrhea. When we were very young, parents told us that greasy foods and cold foods are eaten together, and the stomach is easy to diarrhea under the stimulation of “ice and fire”. If diarrhea occurs frequently after a meal, it is likely to be a manifestation of digestive disorders.

Secondly, after the meal, heartburn, acid reflux, some people will start to turn back acid water after a meal, not only the throat has an unpleasant taste but also very painful. This is a manifestation of excessive gastric acid secretion, and some patients with gastric ulcers will also react with acid water.

The third situation is long-term snoring after a meal, occasionally snoring everyone has encountered, sometimes eating too fast or gas into the stomach, there will be a brief snoring, but long time snoring is not a good thing.

Then, if you find a signal that your stomach is not healthy, how can you raise your stomach?

The first step is to stay away from spicy, greasy, over-hot and cold foods, which will increase the pressure on the stomach to digest food. The sensitive and weak stomach will likely aggravate the condition under repeated stimulation.

The second step is to develop regular eating habits and avoid a hungry meal. Even if the work is busy, you should go to eat when you eat. If you can’t prepare nuts like peanuts and almonds, let the mat be padded.

The third step is to choose the right stomach food according to the cause of your gastrointestinal disease. For example, people with too much stomach acid should not eat too much liquid food. They can eat some soda crackers to neutralize stomach acid.

People with habitual diarrhea eat foods that are high in dietary fiber and easy to digest, such as oatmeal, steamed pumpkin, and so on.

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