The Real Stories of Stories of Pickup Lines That Actually Happen

The Real Stories of Stories of Pickup Lines That Actually Happen

If you know something about chemistry than you must fall in love with chemistry pick up lines. Firstly I tell you about pick up lines are the conversational lines used to engaged someone o to attract someone attentions. If you are flirting someone who are really good in chemistry or your love is chemistry student then chemistry pick up lines will help you to make your love bond chemically strong. If you are not good in socialization with others then it might hurt you because if you are not good in that then you’re not good in getting attractions. If you have no ability to engage people then are really in great loss.

In order to make yourself comfort and confidence while you’re dealing with people or with friends or in community you need to prepare yourself for any situations. You just need to improve your learning skills and also the behavior.

Mostly people are confused when they are in dealing with fellows or someone else. Here it is we will involve the chemistry by using pick up lines. By the way my favorite lines upon chemistry are

“You make my atomic number rise”

What’s your favorite pick up lines? I don’t know so let me know through your comments. So now I waiting for. Let’s get back to topic chemistry pick up lines

Here it is I will show some thoughts of people about these pick up lines and most commonly used pick up lines.

Mikka Luster: says on Quora

“I find chefs sexy. Buy me a drink and see if I can settle for a Sous Chef?” and as a proof I attach the screen shot as well. According to Luster friends he is so good in socialization and even after drink he too good to say pick up lines and they experience many times.

Most common stories related to pick up lines happen with people and they love to tell others are

A pick up line story by Laura

“I went to breakfast by myself at Seabright Cafe in Santa Cruz, and the server came out with my usual order — eggs, bacon, toast, fruit — except with eight slices of bacon. The middle-aged surfer next to me thought I ordered extra meat intentionally, because he leaned over my shoulder and said, “You’re every man’s dream, a girl who eats that much bacon.

With a proof of screen shot

Another story by Domhnall O’Huigin

“A girl (I was a boy) once told me that part of me was like a microphone and could she [redacted – we’ll just draw a discreet veil over this bit]. This from a standing start btw- literally the very first thing she said to me, ever, although we had mutual friends.

I didn’t know how to reply then – I don’t know how I’d reply now – I was more baffled than anything else…

“My [redacted] is like a microphone and you want to [redacted]? Why?…..Oh……”

And Screen shot as a proof

Another story by Tanya

At a cafe in Boston:
Ringleader: “Heyyyyy…so do you foine ladies have boyfriends?”
Us: (eying the pod of knuckleheads before us, we all nod YES emphatically)
Ringleader: “Uh-uhhh – you girlz gots to drop the zeros and get with the heroes!”

At a bar in Chicago:
Him: “Wow, your English is really good. How long have you lived in this country?”
Me: “Since birth.”
Him: “Uhh, wow, that’s cool. How do you um, like it?”

Screen shot as a proof

This world is full of pickup lines story. The thing is you just say the lines with confidence and surely you will pick your love.