Some Innovative Ways How Startup Marketers Could Be Harnessing the Power of Instagram

The social media platforms have proved to be the greatest boon to business owners particularly, to the startup owners as they could now successfully advertise or promote all their products and services and effectively interact with their target audiences with just a click. In this context, you must appreciate that social media offers immense benefits to the startup owners. They are able to find a niche thanks to the marketing and promotion strategy on the social media platforms. Social media platform particularly, Instagram has been helpful in boosting brand awareness, creating a meaningful connection and interaction with customers. Moreover, businesses are able to reach a much broader audience thanks to powerful social media platforms such as Instagram. Needless to mention, Instagram is actually a robust marketing tool that is quite useful for startup brands.

Instagram is surely the path-breaking marketing platform for startup marketers for tapping into while pushing hard to establish their businesses. Today, marketers admit that photos are the most critical factor in optimizing your social media posts. However, you must realize that it is not just the marketers who are interested in Instagram. Some statistics clearly reveal that this powerful platform has impressed the customers as well. The phenomenally high engagement rates demonstrate the fact that Instagram also matters to the brands’ audiences. An Instagram post is known to be effective in driving over 50x engagement as compared to that of Facebook and over 150x to that of Twitter, thus, it has achieved the reputation of being the key social media platform for startups. Here are some creative ways of boosting the growth of startups by effectively harnessing the power of Instagram.

Create Your Own Hashtag

We know that hashtags are critical to Instagram success for any brand. Pictures that have descriptions with hashtags incorporated into them would be getting more likes as compared to those images that do not include hashtags in their description. It is best to create your own unique hashtag and encourage your followers to use it while posting their own photos. For instance, the Outdoorsy Website called the Dirtbag Darling effectively uses its customized hashtag #DefendersOfFun for encouraging fans and followers to effectively share outdoorsy photos of them. We have seen that this sort of customization and impressive audience participation would certainly be helping the brand to gain momentum and take maximum advantage of marketing and promotion possibilities on the followers’ own Instagram feeds. You may also get in touch with insta4likes for getting more likes and boosting your followers.

Showcase Behind-the-Scenes Pictures

You must keep in mind that Instagram is not only about accumulating follows and likes; it is predominantly about narrating the unique story of your specific brand and helping to create a small window for your startup. Camp4Collective, a film startup has been doing a fabulous job of showcasing enchanting behind-the-scenes moments. They have shown not just the amazing mountains where they have been filming but also the emotional and physical damages as a result. They have even posted pictures of bruises and cuts and photos of their kids who they dearly miss while on an outdoor location on the shoot. This sort of behind-the-scenes approach could really work best for your startup story provided you combine it effectively with emotional appeals.

Offer an Exclusive Instagram Product

You know for sure that your audience really loves Instagram. Hence, if your startup business focuses on specializing in coming up with products such as clothing, beer pong tables, mugs etc. think hard and try to come up with an effective way of incorporating Instagram goods into the making of the products. For instance, Blurb transforms Instagram pictures of consumers into photo books, calendars, and more. NailSnaps comes up with customized nail wraps, Ink361 creates temporary tattoos with the pictures and Coastermatic converts pictures into stone coasters. You just need to remember that you need not restrict your creative and innovative Instagram techniques strictly to the platform itself. It is a good idea to experiment with creative Instagram marketing ideas out of the platform.

Post Something Scrumptious

You must always appreciate the incredible power of food. Remember that startup restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, and even food delivery services could benefit immensely from focusing on their yummy products. Restaurants are doing great jobs by using a mix of pictures of customers, photos of delectable delicacies etc. You could use a close-up picture of a gourmet sandwich or sizzling cheese fries, or pizza and get numerous likes. It has been proved time and again that pictures of mouth-watering delights get a phenomenal response.

Make the Most of the Magnificent Outdoors

You must focus on taking maximum advantage of the splendors of nature, the intrinsic beauty of the scintillating scenery and natural light. For instance, Greenheart Organic which is now a reputed organic juice company actually takes pictures of colorful juice bottles in equally colorful and vibrant natural flower fields, or on beaches or even on canoes, etc. The company cleverly takes maximum advantage of the enchanting natural beauty of outdoors. It focuses primarily on vibrant and colorful pictures and uses lots of contrast. This sort of an approach really works for the juice company and may result in great wonders for your startup.

Concentrate on Abstract Perspectives

A usual picture could be really boring. Instagram is all about outstanding photos. So it pays to adjust your photo angle for upgrading your Instagram picture quality. You may not be a professional photographer but you could try out a few tricks so that they could really boost the quality of your pictures on your company’s Instagram account. You may move in close, back up, crouch down, or even climb up before taking pictures for your Instagram account. The results could be amazing.


A lot of startups feel like they lack the marketing advantages that visual-centric companies like film production houses or attractive clothing lines might have. This can be a difficult hurdle to get past, but a lot of companies have taken to artwork to remedy this situation. If you can post art related to your products or your theme, it is a fantastic way to attract visitors. A good example is Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco, who posts fantastic sketches and also beautiful mugs on their Instagram while keeping a consistent black and white theme. They have gathered over 20,000 followers and are certainly playing the Instagram visuals game the right way. Instagram is a platform where great visually appealing content is appreciated, and that’s what you should aim for.