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Sell a broken IPhone and upgrade to Android

Since the day apple created IPhone, Samsung has a huge competition with it. Both of them try to gain each other’s customers through different marketing tactics. If you ask people many of them wouldn’t simply know why they chose IPhone or Android. And honestly, moving from Android to IPhone OR vice versa is a complete different experience in terms of user interface. People who shifted from IPhone to any android phone always have ended up choosing android for multiple reasons we are going to discuss that a bit later. It’s a long race that will be continued till ages. Sell my phone compare prices and contrast between what is better and how and then upgrading to another Phone is one good option that we would like to go with.

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Apple iPhone

Recently bought IPhone X was launched, being a IPhone user since long it didn’t really bothered me to even look at Samsung’s Galaxy 8 series which turned out to be more economical and user friendly then IPhone x. Anyways, let’s talk about IPhone X first and what exactly happened to it soon after I bought it. With a 5.8 inch OLED screen its one massive phone to hold onto. Having a RAM of 3 GB and a storage capacity varying from 64 GB – 256 GB. IP67 waterproofing along with Iris/ facial recognition it became one ideal phone for all previous IPhone users. Keeping in view that it has wireless charging facility, no headphone jack it was a massive phone weighing 174g. If you are an Android user this wouldn’t fascinate you as this kind of things were created way before apple created them. Anyways, for a die heart fan of IPhone one would definitely do something like sell my old phone for cash and move on buying a new one instead. Not knowing what lies in the near future, bought IPhone X and was enjoying every bit of it. Paying a hefty price would have to bring some kind of joy shouldn’t it? Well, meeting an accident before even purchasing a new one and knowing the fact that sell my phone online or giving it back to Apple for recycling would be a good option after all. Plus there was this another problem that kept on hitting my mind that the latest update of IOS11 was full of bugs and kept slowing all old models. Which Apple admitted was on purpose actually makes one think to switch. Just stepping one foot out of the apple world you would see a million options available in Android and without breaking your bank. This brought us to check out Samsung’s galaxy S8 plus which was easy on budget.


No doubt, there are a tons of options available for Android (LG, HTC, One plus etc.)but we decided to stick with S8 plus which was launched to give a head to head competition to IPhone With the screen size of 6.2 super AMOLED and a resolution of 2960X1440(570ppi), it was better than IPhone. Although it isn’t bezel free but in actual it has this touch to use home button with touch navigation to use it completely. Consider this, S8 has a 4 GB Ram and a storage capacity that can be easily increased via SD card. Isn’t this great? Wait, there are many other thing to wow you. The battery is 3500Mah which is much higher than IPhone that is 2716mAh.this simply means that you have a lot of time to use your mobile and applications in a better way without thinking of recharging it very often.as far as charging is concerned both S8 plus and IPhone X have fast charging so that wouldn’t be an issue for all. What is same in both of them is Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Barometer, Compass, Gyroscope what isn’t present in IPhone is a fingerprint scanner other than the facial/ iris recognition, which are available in S8 plus. Yes it is a bit thicker than the so called sleek IPhone but has an upgraded version of waterproofing IP68 which is a plus. Image resolution is same for the both 4000×3000 pixels. The front camera is 8 mega pixels as compare to IPhone X that has 7 mega pixel front and 12 mega pixel rear camera, along with 10 x Digital Zoom, Optical Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection, Touch to focus. The sad thing about IPhone that I’ve always encountered is the unavailability of headphone jack. Like why would you simply take out one of the most part of the mobile and replace it with ear pods which again are a kind that one wouldn’t afford on easy terms.

IPhone vs Android


Starting to use Android isn’t that difficult as it seems, you only have to download google drive and back up all your items there. That’s it! The level of customization that Android provides is far better than IPhone where you can’t really customize things. Apart from all of this the user interface is quite easy and notifications are the fun part here the thing that made me thinking is was why android isn’t much polished than the apple products. This is the thing where Android needs to work on creating a new experience for all. If we talk about applications, all major using applications are there for android but they sound better in IPhone because of its quality aspects. But this I think will change in time as Android has come this far keeping up the competition alive since ages.

Comparing both android and IPhone, both have their own benefits in whole and one can switch on and off to have a different experience in total. There are many thing Android must work on to come out more polished and fine than IPhone and the security system should be considered again. As google has a complete track of you. The thing apple should work on is to make the new updates work on its previous models and not just focus on bringing new fancy phones in the market. For further details on IPhone and android log on to Recycling Comparison Website.

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