Renault KWID a Family Budget Car

Renault KWID Car

Renault is one among the high budget, mass market car players in the Indian car market without having an A segment vehicle. Nissan has already launched A segment vehicles and to beat them, Renault has revealed in an Auto expo that they are releasing a hatchback-based crossover known as KWID. The details of this hatchback crossover is a five-seater, which was revealed in the Auto Expo 2014.

Renault KWID Interior


The exterior look of KWID resembles the Datsun GO but, there are body claddings, forward leaning stance and flared wheel arches which makes its muscular appearance a bit different from Datsun GO. The purpose of rub rails is served by the plastic cladding at the door base. Renault KWID HAS PROVIDED A SMALL SPOILER which makes it different from all other variants. It’s the first Indian car to make its debut on the French’s automaker, new headlight and honeycomb grille design.


From the pulse the interior of KWID resembles the Nissan Micra’s layout. But it is also different from other crossover with its features like front power, AC and windows,  Media-NAV infotainment system, and fully digitalized instrumental cluster.

Gearbox and engine:

Expected engine for KWID is 800cc three cylinder unit which is capable of producing 90Nm of torque and 50bhp. Via five speed manual, the power is transferred to the front wheels. As of now, no diesel model will be coming up.

Price and competition:

The cost of this A-segment, Renault KWID is expected to be in the range of Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 4.5 lakhs. This hatchback based crossover will be a tough competitor to cars like Hyundai Eon, Datsun GO, Tata Nano and Chevrolet Spark. It is expected to hit the market in a festive season with an unexpected introductory affordable price.