Rejoice your taste buds with some mouth-watering Indian food in CP

Rejoice your taste buds with some mouth-watering Indian food in CP

Whether you are a fan of international food i.e. getting some pizza, burgers etc., and these foods still cannot match with the desi food or Indian food such as Dal Makhani or Butter Chicken. They will still make your mouth water and crave for more of it. If you are visiting India and would like to get some Indian food then we are going to list some best Indian restaurants in CP that you should definitely visit and get some food.

Top CP Restaurants serving Indian food

  1. Ashok and Ashok Meat Dhaba – If you are a non-vegetarian and a quiet fan of some meat then this is the best Indian restaurant in CP for you as it will serve you with some best lamb and meat with delicious gravies prepared in desi ghee. The preparation is perfect for your needs and they serve rotis free and they have also included biryani in their menus.
  2. Sarvana Bhavan – This place starts serving you tasty breakfast since 8:00 AM in the morning and provides you with delicious Idlis as well as Uttapams. You can have these mouth watery food at Connaught Place and have Pongal, Rava Dosa, and Appam. It is among the best Indian restaurants in CP.
  3. Minar – It is undoubtedly one of the best Indian restaurants in CP and will serve you with delicious Indian food in which butter chicken is a specialty and is considered to be the best in town. Only a half plate of butter chicken is designed to serve 3 people at least.

Are you in Colaba? We have got your food covered

If you are visiting Mumbai from Delhi then you should definitely visit Colaba once.  It’s really just actually a melting pot of civilization at which ramble store and the heterogeneous people of Mumbai collect to eat.  Besides really being truly a business area, caked with outlets selling all of the handmade memorabilia out of brands to the product, it is an art district dotted with free galleries and monuments.  Colaba can also be a home for a number of dining places in Mumbai. So now let us see all the best restaurants in Colaba and which you should definitely visit once.

Best Restaurants in Colaba

  1. The Table, Kalapesi Trust Building – Colaba’s roads are speckled with restaurants The dining table, having its own heat decoration and foodstuff that is posh is now still a category aside. Even the cafe, together with velvet settees, a table, along with floors, has a seat space because of its own patrons.  The menu in The dining table, providing cuisine that is worldwide, is distinctive and imaginative although prohibitive In which it’s possible for you to taste meals items with eateries, it’s sprawled from snazzy restaurants into cafes.  Every single eatery introduces a nod to the varied and prosperous flavor of Mumbaikars and shares a relationship.  We chose to compile a set of pubs, those top eateries, and cafes at which you sip on drinks and are able to hog on dishes. It is among the best restaurants in Colaba.
  2. Shamiana, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel – Shamiana has been the very earliest coffee-shop in Mumbai plus its own doorway opened in 1973 into the clients. Has been restored from Rajasthan and Saurashtra.   Dessert counter tops and the kitchen add the calmness of this pub and excitement.  The menu consists of multi-cuisine cuisine, for example, a Taj Autograph menu (that a melange of touch dishes out of Taj lodges across the globe), Bombay-style StreetFood along with European relaxation meals items.  Spicy Mutton Hamburger the Kheema Pan, Prawn Patio along with also Pavbhaji certainly really are a Couple winners out of your menu.
  3. Indigo Deli, Danraj Mahal – Indigo Deli maintains a deli practical encounter having humongous hamburgers, it’s setting, along with decoration. The menu uses American and European methods utilizing spices and herbs to organize dishes and is extensive. This makes it one of the best restaurants in Colaba.

So we have listed some best Indian restaurants in CP as well as some best restaurants in Colaba and they should definitely be given a try once.