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Practical ways to be happy in a relationship

A relationship needs lots of dedication and hard work, anything that grows need attention. Consider relationship as a plant it also needs love as water and nonjudgmental environment as soil to grow fruitfully, it is the basic rules for a happy relationship. Sometimes it needs more attention during the tough seasons but the constant care never able her to die,

  • Finding the right person: relationships always be cursed due to the wrong choice of the person, it may be from different community and nature or may have a variety of other reasons. There is no such benefit of stretching the relation instead of knowing about the evil roots better to end it. Common signals of bad relationships:
    • You have to change one or the other way to make your partner happy if you are the one not able to show your real feeling than sorry, but you are in a lousy relationship, constant taunting and monitoring sometimes break the person from inside and hide the real face.
    • You love and know your partner the most but if the majority of people say contrary than do consider them as well do not just let it go.
    • Feeling worse when you are with your loved one.
    • Your feeling does not matter to you either to your partner.
  • Making the relation last: spending more time together helps to create a stronger bond, it delete misunderstandings. While hanging out with your partner does not always talk about mundane things try to discuss the behavior and memories with each other, do multiple activities like eating, traveling, camping, etc.
  • Separation: space is human right and nature as well, freedom of taking some time for yourself is as important as anything else and keep the line of relationship darker. Follow your passion; it does not matter it is similar to your partner or not. It increases the curiosity of meeting and to tend to spend more time after the separation of a few hours and consider both of you more interesting.
  • Growing separately and together: falling in love is a special feeling, but people make it worse you could save yours by having different thoughts and yet in the same balloon. Having a separate identity is as important as having in a combination.
  • Have a logical and honest conversation: defensiveness is one of significant threat for a relation, and should avoid. In case of disagreement try to make silence instead of interruption which makes the atmosphere calm and composed.
  • Pay attention to yourself: many relationships faded because the partners feel less affection towards each other and meanwhile tending to like someone else, so better to maintain and try to enhance you.

This how to stay happy in a relationship by breaking the stereotypes and follow some simple life-changing hacks that will make you and your partner more interested. There is nothing perfect in this world we have to make things perfect and so does a relationship.

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