New competitor for Maruti Alto And Datsun Go Redi by Tata company: Tata Pelican

Once Tata Company was aiming at providing an affordable and safe family vehicle, as a result of this a new vehicle entered into the current car market. The journey of Tato Nano was uprooted from the West Bengal. Later the same Tata motors was forced to re-invest in a new plant for the project on Tata Pelican. When it comes to information side, the petrol version of the Pelican is powered by a 1 liter engine, whereas diesel version is powered by an 800cc diesel engine. When compared with the petrol engine of Nano, Pelican’s engine are even more powerful. Its diesel version is expected to prove that it is going to be country’s cheapest diesel car.

Style of New Tata Pelican:New Tata Pelican 2018 The style of Tata Pelican is inspired by the concepts of Tata Pixel. The car experts having deep knowledge about this project shared their views that the headlights of the Pelican are designed to give a great premium appearance. It is expected to be featured with 12 inches of steel wheels. To make the outlook of Pelican different from Nano in the matter of side profile and rear end views, they have added new tail lights and alloys. Bigger interiors, good storage, good music system and air conditioning system are the most awaited expectantly on Pelican. Compared to existing hatchbacks, this would be something better and the price tag would probably come close to Rs. 2.5 lakh to Rs. 3.5 lakh. Other expected features of pelican include security system like driver airbag and anti-lock braking system, front power windows, and electronic power steering. During the current year 2015, Tata Motors is focusing on releasing its new cars like Tata Kites Hatchback, Tata Kite sedan and Tata Nexon SUV.