New Amazing Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

The most important and special moment in anyone’s life is welcoming of their new born child. Someone, who is going to be the part of our family and is our blood. It is happiest day of any parents and family. They want to make the new born baby’s home coming very special. We usually decorate the whole house, order cake, and invite friends and relative to celebrate this auspicious day. They even order cakes of gender reveal. If it’s first child the gender of the baby is kept secret. And the theme for baby shower is done in both the colours pink and blue.

Here we have some amazing baby shower decoration you can use in the next baby shower of your friend or relative.

  1. Decorate with Greenery

Decorate with Greenery


If your house walls and the interior of the room are white then you can go for leaves decoration keeping it simple and classy. The Garlands of green leaves and white flowers can be used for decorating walls. The twigs and small branches can be used for decorating the centre table. The effect of these decors would be magical and would look so beautiful. The dinner table can also be arranged with leaves and artistic effect can be made with its use. You can even order a cake with similar theme a multi tier cake the fondant green leaves flowing from the top to bottom. Everyone could be welcomed to the baby shower with leave’s garlands or tiaras.

  1. Balloon Decor: Ready to Pop

Balloon Decor Ready to Pop

Balloons are most cheerful creations of almighty. And when talking about welcoming new happiness at home, balloon decor is the best idea. You can make decorations with pink and blue balloons if the gender of the baby is kept secret. If the gender is known you can go for entire blue or pink coloured theme. You can also adopt bright vibrant colour scheme and all the areas would be made a play of colour pop. Multi coloured balloons, The cake too of bright colours, the dinner table and the centre table all arranged with vibrant colours articles.

  1. Fresh Flower Shower

Fresh Flower Shower

If you are welcoming a baby girl or the mom to be is fond of flowers you can choose fresh flower decor. The garlands and fresh flower tiaras can be made and the guests can be welcomed with it. The walls can be decorated with the flower garlands hanging from a small tree branch. The cake could be customized according to the theme. Thus flowers are apt for every occasion. You can also send flowers online for treating your friends on their birthdays.

  1. Decorate the Diapers

Decorate the Diapers

Think out of the box and have a unique idea of decorating with diapers. You are going to stock up diapers once the baby is born, instead do that before. You can buy dozens of diapers, use it for decoration and later you can take them in use so there is no wastage of resources too. You can make three tier cake with the help of diapers this will look really cute.

  1. Amazing Baby Shower Centrepiece

Amazing Baby Shower Centrepiece

Many times it happens you have very limited time to make the decoration and in this havoc you end up going haphazard. Instead you can plan a grand centrepiece for the baby shower. You can decorate the centre table with veils and the table will beautiful glass crockery and paper flowers.

  1. Unique Food Table Decoration

Unique Food Table Decoration

The dinner table can be artistically decorated with spoons and forks with bows. Make eyes on food bowls and tie on the glasses. The napkins can be folded in dog’s face form. These will make the dinner table so interesting and it will look too lovely. By ordering online you can make new baby gift delivery at your relative’s place and welcome the baby with this sweet gesture.

Thus we decorate and make the arrangements for baby shower to make mom to be excited about the child and celebrate the baby’s arrival. You can make arrangements of baby shower even being an aunt or sister or friend of the mother to be host and organise this wonderful baby shower.