Natural ways to thwart from Cold, Flu, and Sinus

thwart from Cold, Flu, and Sinus

It is very common, that people will be attacked from flu and cold very easily. In such circumstances, you must think of a medication which has no side effects. Pick Homeopathy treatment to get relieved from cold and flu. When you are suffering from classic flu caused due to change in weather conditions, and then use the effective medicine by name Gelsemium. Your resistance system and it will be raised automatically if you start getting treated from Homeopathy. To increase your impervious system when you are suffering from cold, drink quickly ginger tea.

How to prepare ginger tea?

Chop around 2 inches of spanking new ginger, and heat up it on saucepan filled with water. Once it bubbles, let the blend ramble for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain the boiled water with ginger, then mix two spoons of honey to this mixture, consume this for 3-4 days, so that your cold and flu will be cured effectively.

Another way to prevent the flu is Influenzinum vaccination. The dosage of vaccine is tailored as per your healthy level, and subject to catching the flu and colds. Increase the intake of fruits which are rich in Vitamin C and vitamin D. Vitamin C is a very powerful fighter against the flu virus.

Sinus Inflammation and Infection shortly called sinusitis suffers from flu and cold symptoms, infections, inflammations and sinus congestion. As reported from clinical studies, Sinus is triggered by allergies, and illness may be bacterial, viral or by some other means.

Clear your sinuses by following the steps below

1)    At your first congestion sign, use saline flush, sinupulse irrigator or a Neti pot to irrigate your nostrils. Since sinus symptoms are persistent, and there are chances of re-occurrence, undergo homeopathic treatment.

2)    Drink plenty of liquids. Avoid food or liquid containing sugar. Drink the blend of lemon and hot water with or without honey.