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My Gamchha Stole and Scarf

Gamchha is one of the vintage form hand weaving product. It was extensively used in warmer and humid region of India due to its absorbing nature and breathable quality. Over the period Gamchha has been limited to a particular section and gender of society. Now,most people use gamchha when they are out in the sunrays, on hot summer days or while doing extremelyabout work. Somehow it has gone out trends and become part of casual use. The bebaak team has done product intervention in Gamchha inspired from old gold days of this accessory.

As scarf’s and stoles have been our savioron many occasion, whether it is to make a dull dress into a happy one or to make a mundane look into the charming statement. This has inspired us to work on the category of stoles and scarf.  History and background of Gamchha and versatility of scarf have inspired us to create quirky and comfy scarf collection.

Bebaak’s’ Gamchha stole and scarfis woven in trible style. Embellishment is done by women group based in Chhattisgarh.

Here are some tips to wear gamchha stole and scarves for women online:

  • Pairing with a cotton top and jeans. The ensemble looks smart and easy to carry.
  • Teaming up the stoles with flared long skirt and cotton top ensemble. This look has a boho and unconventional feel.
  • Pairing gamchha scarf with shorts and top. This ensemble looks cool and chic. A perfect ensemble for girls and for women on vacation
  • You can pair the gamchha stole for women with cotton dresses. The ensemble looks classy and utterly comfortable to carry.

Some of the unadulterated qualities of our gamchha stole and scarf collection is

  • It is vibrant and quirky in look.
  • Being versatile in look gamchha stole and scarf can be accessories with a different outfit such as jean-top, skirt-top and cotton dresses for women
  • gamchha scarf will never go wrong for any easy and happening day.
  • Gamchha stole and the scarfis made of hand-woven cotton. They are comfortable in feel
  • Being handcrafted textile they are skin friendly as well nature-friendly
  • It creates earthy and exclusive outlook as gamchha scarf collection exclusive and limited in market

Here are some unique gamchha scarfs with the ways to carry to them.

scarves for women

Hand-woven cotton pistachio gamchha scarf with textile tassel embellishment. Sophisticated and happy in look

scarves for women 3

Hand-woven cotton pistachio floral scarf is charming pleasant in look. Handcrafted textile flowers are embellished on the cotton scarf.

scarves for women 3

Cotton check vibrant gamchha stole is adorned with colorful add-ons. This scarf can be team with any solid color dress and top to make your look quirky.

scarves for women 3

Earthy and pretty, here is one of the classy pieces from our gamchha scarf collection. The square shape scarf is perfect for sunny day outing and vacation.

scarves for women 3

Sober and comfortable pink scarf for the easy look. Can be pair with ethnic as well as western wear.

scarves for women 3

The vibrant peach color stole is musthavepiece from our collection. Embellished with handcrafted petal and tassels the scarf can enhance the look of any sober look.

Add this funky and stylish statements in your wardrobe. Along with unconventional style statement the collection support sustainable fashion, you can shop this unique collection online at Bebaak Studio also. Stole and scarves give embellished look to the charm of women and every woman should wear it also.

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