Memory Foam Mattress Buyer’s Guide: 6 Tips for Buying It

memory foam mattress

Have you ever felt your body aching after you wake up? It is common now a days. Considering the exhaustion and body ache that people have to face generally, manufacturers are coming up with soft and comfortable memory foam mattress. However, when it comes to buying these mattresses, these are some tips that you must keep in mind.

foam mattress

Custom memory foam mattress came into existence in the 1970s, and since then, this has become one of the most acknowledged types of mattress across the globe. Compared to other mattresses, these memory foam help reduce pressure points and provide comfort.

So, when it comes to purchasing them, various options can create confusion. To make things easier, below-mentioned are top six tips that can help you make a perfect choice.

Consider your Requirements: Right from the variety of custom mattress size to the thickness level, there are several options to consider in this category. Therefore, it becomes important to evaluate your requirements before selecting. Whether you have back pain or shoulder cramps, ensure that the mattress can provide you utmost relief and comfort according to your needs.

Foam Density: Secondly, pay attention to the foam density of the mattress. Higher the density, greater will be the support. You can measure the density in pounds per cubic foot. So, if you are looking for a firm mattress, consider the one with 5-6 pounds foam density. On the contrary, if you want something soft, you can go for 3-4 pounds foam density mattress.

Foam Type: Now that you are done with the foam density, then comes the time to pay attention to the foam type. Yes, you can find several options of foams in custom size memory foam mattress. Be it traditional foam, gel foam, air cool memory foam, or nylon foam, understand the benefits of each foam type and then select the one according to your needs.

Measuring the Comfort: Since comfort is one of the most important aspects, you cannot compromise with it at any cost. Basically, mmHg is the unit to determine the reaction of the mattress against pressure. Accordingly, a mattress with 32 or lower mmHg can provide more pressure relief.

Layers: These types of mattresses can be found in several layers. You can choose the layers depending on your tendency of bearing hotness. However, remember, whether you are buying a mattress with two layers or four, do not forget to get a breathable cover along to ensure proper airflow.

Resistance: While it might be easier to find hypoallergenic memory foam mattresses, however, there are some of them that turn out to be more effective when it comes to keeping allergens, dust, and other bacteria away. So, select the one that comes with beneficial tendencies, is durable, and demands less maintenance.

Contrary to what it may appear, purchasing a custom size memory foam mattress is not a tough job. On top of that, keep these points in mind, and it will surely be a plain purchasing. So, if you are ready to change your mattress, consider these tips while choosing memory foam.


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