Marketing Your Video on YouTube

Marketing Your Video on YouTube

Marketing Your Video on YouTube

Well, first of all, for those of you who are not aware, Google purchased about 7 years ago and is now the #3 Alexa ranking website in the United States.  So, most likely, when you see that people are searching for things on Google, they are also searching for them on

And if you haven’t already noticed, when you are searching on Google, you are starting to see more YouTube results on the first page.  Google loves the fact that videos are ranking higher in the search results.  Why you ask?

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Well, like I said, YouTube is part of Google and if they can get their #3 site in the U.S. to rank on their own site, they are happy as pie.  And with good reason.  It’s because of marketing.  They know that many of their videos are monetized and it also open up other opportunities for their AdSense.

I won’t go into all of the marketing terms and routes that Google and use, but let’s just say that there are plenty of opportunities for them to make money from what you are doing.

Can I make money on

Yes, you sure can.  Although YouTube makes money off of you, you can make money off of them by getting your videos to rank.  Now if you’re not sure why this is important, I’ll explain further.  Getting your videos to rank is the key to you making money.

You can have the best videos in the world, but if nobody ever sees them, it doesn’t matter.  You’ll just let lost in the vast world that is rarely ever seen.  And that is not good.  Now, once you get to be “known”, this may change, as people will start to follow you and most likely check out your videos.  But in the meantime, you need to know how to market.

And this is where is gets interesting.  Even the best of us who know how to get our videos to rank still have issues when it comes to SEO, getting people to your site/video channel, and knowing what they are looking for.  Unfortunately, it is constantly changing and those who get to the information first, usually get the leg up on the rest. 

So, what is my strategy?

Well, I can tell you that I have changed mine a few times in the last few months.  In the beginning, I thought I knew what I needed to do to market my videos, but I didn’t.  I was not aware of what to put into the description area, what keywords to use and what language I needed to use in my videos.

I felt that I could do what people were looking for and they would find me, but they didn’t.  Not until I learned the system for driving traffic to my site.  What I needed was a funnel that first got people there, then got them to opt-in and then got them to buy.  May sound easy or complicated, depending if you’ve ever done this before.

But I can tell you that it isn’t a difficult process, you just need to know WHAT works and HOW to go about it.  Otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels and hoping that you have the right formula.  And if you haven’t had success in marketing your videos on yet, then you don’t know it.

I will admit that I still have a lot to learn and will continue to learn as things change.  But the system that I use keeps me up-to-date and informs me of new changes in the YouTube world.  Now its time for you to get that formula as well, so that the world sees what you are trying to show them.

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