Know the complete benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea Benefits

Camellia Sinesis, commonly known to all people with the name green tea is obtained by the radiance of fresh tea leaves. Green tea is found to be the powerful antioxidant. It is not fermented unlike other teas like black tea, this makes the green tea gain more potential antioxidant properties. If the fermentation is done, then it destroys most of the health benefits hidden within the tea leaves.

You might think what is the difference between green tea and other tea extracts, right? Green tea mainly contains the polyphenols that enhance glutathione and other antioxidant enzymes. This helps in treating arthritis. It is scientifically proven that, glutathione helps in reducing cartilage breakdown and inflammation. You can get rid of free radical damages, but drinking green tea, as it provides protection to your body against it.

green tea

Recent studies on green tea have revealed that green tea’s antioxidant effects are capable of lowering the development of cervical cancer, prostate cancer and digestive system cancer. Green tea can also reduce the cholesterol level in the body, as a result of this, the risk of heart disease can be lowered. People who plan to strictly follow their diet plans, they can start drinking green tea every day and reduce your weight and keep their health in good condition.

There are several benefits of green tea, some of them are mentioned in this article. Prevention of tooth decay, strengthening the mental alertness, and weight loss plans. Finally, green tea is available in the form of tea bags, extract supplements of pure green tea or combination of supplements. Normally, green tea is available in health food stores and supermarkets. Consuming three cups of green tea, will definitely help you to keep your health in a good way. Everyone needs antioxidants to improve health, longevity, prevent disease and sustain health. Green tea extracts are powerful in providing immune system.