How to use the Keyless Entry on Your Volkswagen

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Volkswagen vehicles are refreshingly full of high-tech features that make your daily drive more rewarding. One of the most popular features in the Volkswagen models today is Keyless Entry with Push Button Start/Stop, a function that allows you to unlock, open, and start your vehicle without you ever having to pull the key from your pocket.

Take a look below as we go through the steps on how to access your VW’s Keyless Entry system. You could also drop in at your nearest authorized Volkswagen Dealer in Kukatpally to check out the full range of Volkswagen cars and the technology.

So, in order to open your new Volkswagen’s door using the Keyless Entry system, you first have to make sure that the vehicle’s key fob is at a distance of at least 5-feet from the Volkswagen. However, you do not need to push on the key fob to lock or unlock the doors. As long as the key fob is somewhere in the range, the VW will sense the remote access and allow you to enter the vehicle with the touch of your hand.

How to Unlock the Door and Start the Vehicle:

  1. Place your hand behind the door handle
  2. Pause momentarily until the sensors sense the presence of your hand
  3. Pull the door handle open and enter the vehicle
  4. Once inside, push down on the brake pedal with your foot to start the car
  5. Push the Start/Stop button

To turn your vehicle off, simply push the Start/Stop button again. To lock your vehicle, push on the mark located in the door handle. Please note that when trying to open the vehicle’s door, make sure that you are not simultaneously pulling the door handle while touching the locking button, as this confuses the sensor leaving you unauthorised to enter the vehicle.

One of the hottest new car tech features over the past few years has been that of keyless entry and activation. It’s easy to see why this is such a popular technology feature. For one, it’s very convenient and practical. You never have to hit lock or unlock when you’re near the vehicle. Additionally, you and other passengers will never be locked out because you forgot to hit ‘Unlock’ on your keyring.

However, remote and keyless programming is also a very helpful security feature. The driver can lock and turn off the vehicle when needed with the click of a button, preventing theft and break-ins. Additionally, unless the signal receiver and transmitter is close to the vehicle, the doors and trunk will remain locked and the engine off. Volkswagen has its own unique keyless entry, locking, and starting system.

KESSY provides convenient and secure access and control of your VW vehicle. The driver keeps hold of the transmitter. Meanwhile, the Volkswagen vehicle model is fitted with a starter module. Signals called ‘rolling codes’ are exchanged between the transmitter and the starter module in communication. When the transmitter is within a 1.5-meter (5 foot) radius of the VW vehicle, the rolling codes tell the starter module to open and the car can remove its locks on the doors and engine. This includes the trunk. The luggage compartment can then be opened by an easy liftgate tap of your foot. Additionally, the sensors will not lock the doors if the transmitter is left inside your Volkswagen vehicle by mistake.

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