How to Recover Data After Formatting External Hard Disk in Windows 10

External Hard Disk Format

Windows hard drive asking to format before use and after formatting hard disk in Windows 10. Lost all files and folders. Now looking for the reliable solution to recover data after formatting the hard disk in Windows 10, 8, 7 etc.

In today’s digital word peoples are more rely on gadgets then humans. They store their precious memories and important data onto the hard drive, SD card, SSD drive and another storage device. They think that the data is safe and sure for the lifetime. But in actual it is not. There is the number of situation in which user lost valuable data and then search for data recovery software. In this post, we will discuss the situation in which the user needs to format the hard disk and what does happen after formatting hard drive in a Windows machine? So, let’s start with the reasons due to which user need to format the hard disk.

User’s Query for Lost Data Recovery From Formatted Hard Disk 

Last night, when I plugged-in my Seagate external hard drive to my Samsung RC 520 laptop. Then an error message prompted “You need to format disk before use”. I formatted immediately without thinking that the formatting hard disk will erase my all files. Now want to solution to recover deleted files after formatting hard disk.

I changed my hard disk file format from FAT 32 to NTFS file format and lost all stored files. Is it possible to recover lost files? Please suggest me a reliable solution to recover data from NTFS formatted hard disk.

Reasons to Format Hard Disk Drive in Windows

There are various reasons due to which user need to format hard disk. Some of the frequent reasons are listed below:

  • Formatted hard disk due to virus attack
  • Getting error “you need to format disk before use”
  • Want to change file system from FAT to NTFS or vise-versa
  • Re-installing Windows on same computer
  • Expanding or Shrinking partition size etc.

What Does Happen After Formatting Hard Disk in Windows Computer

Once you format hard disk either in FAT or in the NTFS file system. The all stored files and folders will be erased. The erased data will not be stored in the recycle bin. So formatting the hard disk in windows means erasing all files and folders from hard disk. Now a question arises that the data lost due to formatting hard disk, can be recovered or not.

Can We Recover Deleted Data after Formatting Hard Drive? 

Yes, the lost files recovery is possible even after formatting hard disk. Because the files exist at their original location. But the erased files cannot be viewed by Windows users normally. To recover lost files user needs a trusted and secure software. which can restore lost file due to formatting the hard disk in Windows 10, 8, 7 or below versions. The expert suggested and verified solution is listed below to get back lost files due to formatting hard disk.

Steps to Recover Data after Formatting Hard Disk Drive in Windows 10, 8, 7 

The Microsoft Windows does not provide any manual solution to recover lost data from the formatted hard drive. For this you need a third party trusted software. Here you can use the expert suggested tool which is named as SysTools Formatted Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. This utility can recover all data from formatted hard disk (FAT and NTFS). Also, it is capable to get back permanently deleted and corrupted files from Windows hard disk. You need to perform a few clicks, simply perform the steps listed below:

  1. Download SysTools Recovery Software for Formatted Hard Drive
  2. Instal the downloaded .exe on Windows Machine
  3. Select the partition which is formatted
  4. Hit on Formatted Scan and wait till scanning complete to 100%
  5. Preview recovered data from formatted hard drive partition
  6. Save: Either Selected files or Complete recovered data

Note: – The software is compatible with all Windows OS version (Win 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP etc.). The the free demo version of the SysTools software is available.

Final Words: 

In this article, I explained the query reasons due to which user need to format the hard disk. After that is erased data can be recovered from the formatted hard drive? And at the end an optimal solution to recover data after formatting the hard disk in Windows 10, 8, 7 etc. versions. After reading the complete article. You can easily get back all lost files and folders.