How to create a Hotmail account

create a Hotmail account

How to create a Hotmail account

We are honored to release this new Web teaching everyone to create a new email account in Hotmail , because having your own email address has become something really essential to communicate quickly with anyone through the Internet.

Follow carefully the steps that we detail below to create your own Hotmail email address correctly.

1) Access the Hotmail portal

The first thing you should do is access your browser and place the URL in the URL bar.

hotmail How to create an account in Hotmail :

create a Hotmail account

Then the browser will show you a page like this, the main page of Windows Live Hotmail : 


1) How to create an account in Hotmail

2) Familiarize yourself with the Hotmail portal

Although it is obvious that to register you must go directly to the “Register ” option , we will completely explain to you that you will have to write in the fields of the correct apart of the Web, because when you have registered you will have to access your new account through this form:

 1- The Windows Live ID will be our email address. When we have our account created we can access it by entering it in this field. 

2- In field number 2 we will introduce the password that we have chosen.

 3– Through this option we can recover our password if we have forgotten it.

 4– If this box is checked, the browser will remember the email address so that you do not have to enter it each time you want to access it.

5– Finally this box will act in the same way as the previous one but with the password of your account. You can activate one, another or both simultaneously.

3) Start with the registration of your new email account

Now, we will proceed to explain the simple registration procedure to which we will access through the ” Register ” button as we mentioned before. As soon as you click, we will access a page like this one:

how to create an account in Hotmail How to create an account in Hotmail

At the beginning of the form you must write the address you wish to have for your new account. Keep in mind that if you click on ” Check availability ” the service lets you know immediately if the address you have chosen is available or not. Also try to choose a serious name if you are thinking of using it, for example, to find a job, since you should keep in mind that you could be providing it to your possible bosses or coworkers.

Depending on your nationality will let you select the termination of your account. In Spain it is possible to select .es or .com as we wish.

The next field that you will have to complete is in which you will choose the password of your account. This should contain at least 6 characters and you can use numbers or letters or both simultaneously. You will have to type this password twice and the service will check that both agree to confirm the election of the same one.

In the field ” Alternative email address ” Hotmail offers you the possibility of sending an email to another address in case of losing your password and not being able to access your account. However, you can also choose to recover your password by answering a security question.

If you have arrived here, you will only have to fill in part of your personal data, exactly you must indicate as the image shows your name, your surnames, your postal code, your sex and your year of birth.

4) Proceed to finalize the registration of your account

As soon as you have the fields of your personal data completed, you will only have to accept the agreement and the privacy statement of Hotmail and you will be able to enjoy your new account and all the services that Windows Live offers you.