How To Choose The Engagement Ring?

How to Choose The Engagement Ring?

If you, your boyfriend, brother or best friend are looking for the ring of your dreams, send them this article, it will surely be very useful.

Curiously, the intention of writing this article was born from a long conversation I had with a jeweler friend, who, after many years in the business, has seen a large number of young people and couples in search of their place to come and go. An engagement ring. After talking with him about how couples or gentlemen go, talk, observe, try and finally buy a ring, I learned many details that I would like to talk directly from the mouth of a specialist.

If you, your boyfriend, brother or best friend are looking for the ring of your dreams, send them this article, it will surely be very useful.

Surprise? Or are we going together?

It is very important that each couple determines what they prefer; for example, there are men who like to surprise their partners with the delivery of the ring in a restaurant, a special place for the couple or in a big party, with many friends and without the girlfriend never finding out about anything. Others prefer to do it as a couple, in private. Or go to the jewelry shop, look at rings, try on some and then make the purchase in front of the bride.

The way you decide to do it is important because this will be an important memory for your children and grandchildren, so it must be something that both of you are satisfied with.

What to consider buying it?

Budget: how much do you want to spend? How much can you pay?

Taste of the bride: does she really want a ring with solitaire?

How practical it is to use it every day: consider that if you are an athlete you may not like a very ostentatious ring.

That combines or not with the ring of marriage: for some years it is being used a lot to combine the engagement ring with the wedding ring, even that the two are assembled into one.

How much should we invest?

There are couples who establish a quantity and let the bride choose the ring within the margin of that cost; others choose the ring directly and save until they can afford it; some more use their credit card.

Here the best general recommendation is: DO NOT GENERATE DEBT. The ideal is to start your marriage with healthy finances; that is, paid bills and even a small saving after the party and the wedding trip.

My husband never told me the cost of my engagement ring until I was married and I realized we should keep paying. Believe me when I tell you that it was a bit disappointing.

Diamonds and precious stones

Social belief dictates that Simulated Diamond Rings should be worn in an engagement. But do you know anything? It’s not true! The bride or the couple can choose the stone they prefer. Formerly it was also said that any stone was tolerable, but, please, it was not a pearl because it was bad luck, since the bride would cry a lot during their marriage. False! My mother-in-law wears an engagement ring with a beautiful pearl and she and her husband have already celebrated 50 years of happy marriage.

Promise rings and engagement rings

There are couples who use a “promise ring”; it is a simpler and even economic ring, while the couple knows each other more thoroughly, fulfills some goals and until the marriage is done, the engagement ring is given to the whole family.

Inherited rings or family jewelry

There are families whose wives have passed the engagement ring from generation to generation, making the jewel even more valuable. A good mother-in-law will never impose her ring on her daughter-in-law no matter how much honor she deserves. The rule is: that the couple is happy.

Ask for advice from specialists:

An honest jeweler: to show you all the possibilities of rings and stones, costs of making, arranging, adapting, setting and everything that is needed.

An evaluator: to verify the number of carats of the ring and, if necessary, for the type of jewelry to extend a certificate to secure the jewel.

The sister or the mother of the bride: if the desire of the groom is to surprise the bride with the ring, it is better to ask someone who really knows what the bride wants; otherwise, he will be surprised when he sees that his girlfriend did not like the ring.

The bride: she is the best one to choose her own ring.

The rule of two months

It is said that a North American jewelry company, with the intention of improving its sales, spread the rumor that an engagement ring should be the equivalent of two months of salary of the groom, because otherwise it showed that no He had enough to support his future wife. A false tradition!

The couple must make the decisions they consider best and, above all, the ones that make them happy!