How can we Improve the Education System in India


Education is the fundamental right of every individual and it also has any importance in our life. No one can survive without education in this world. Education provides a huge platform for all the individuals. But it also compulsory to introduce a proper system of education in all the rural and urban areas because development of any country is based on good educational structure. If we talk about the all developed countries, then they spend more on their education as compare to other countries. But still as compared to developed countries Indian education system needs to improve. For the improvement of education in India higher system of education in India needs to be improved first. Upswing learning education site in India is providing the number of courses and test preparation methods for students.

Major steps for improvement of education system in India:

Government must take some steps for the improvement of an education system in India:

Career Counselling:

Most of the time, it becomes more difficult for students to choose their career. In institutes, proper classes must be provided for students by teachers related to the career counselling. India has so many websites which provide multiple videos related to the best career counselling. It also has so many organizations that help the students to find good career opportunities for them.

Proper Teachers Programs for Teachers:

Teachers are the most important element of a classroom. Teachers must be professional and trained in their work. The government must plan some policies for the teachers training programs. It will also help the students to share their views on the overall performance of the teachers.

Improve Higher Education:

The higher educational structure of backward and rural areas is not fully maintained. Most of the time students after completing their elementary and secondary education cannot continue their higher education just because they do not have resources. The government must work for the establishment of higher institutes in rural and backward areas for students who wish to continue their further study.

By Educating the Parent:

Parents are the backbone of their child, so it is important that parents must be educated. Educated parents can provide the best knowledge and ideas for their child. Most of the time students feel difficulty in their work they can get informative ideas from their parents. Educated parents have very much impact on the overall development of the child.

By Avoiding punishment:

The teacher must provide to give punishment to the students. For example, if any student is not attending his regular classes and learning the chapter carefully it does not mean the teacher give strict punishment for the student. Most of the time students cannot understand the chapter or topic by their teacher. So teachers must clear all the doubts and difficulties of the students in an easiest way. During lecture, teachers must be sure that each student is paying attention in lecture and understanding the lecture accurately.