How 200 hours yoga teacher training changed my life.

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I’m a certified yoga teacher with years of yoga teaching. I had been running my own yoga studio for years before I decided to go to Goa, India for travel and yoga. It’s home to hundred Yoga Schools and the prominent yoga institution, Yoga Alliance. I had considered that the certification wasn’t actually important but finally, I went for it anyway as most of my yoga teacher colleagues had been certified at that time. However, I never thought that this trip will change not only my yoga practice but also my entire life.

Diyayoga - Goa Yoga Teacher Training School _27I was traveling to Arambol, Goa for TTC where I met Meera Acharya. She is a great yet famous yoga teacher who is the trainer leader of Diya Yoga school. She is an experienced yoga instructor who expert on Hatha yoga, meditation, chakra, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini, and many other yoga styles. What impressed me more is how she combine the yoga with other elements of healing and therapeutic. She collaborates the eastern and western philosophy in a multi-style yoga training. It took only a few minutes until I decided to take the Yoga Alliance certified 200 hours yoga teacher training course by Meera Acharya in the Diya Yoga.

The Yoga Teacher Training program has changed my life. I made new friends from various countries. Her collaborative approach makes trainees from around the world easily adapt to her course. My diet also has changed during my yoga stay in Diya Yoga. In other hands, Yoga Nidra program allows me to gain a deeper connection with my true self. It has changed my perception of my own abilities. It’s actually a conscience sleep method which allows you to dive deeper into your consciousness. It will help you relax more quickly and to some extent, heal your anxiety, stress condition, and even illness.

I couldn’t imagine how this method would be so helpful when I’m teaching my yoga students in my studio. I had been dealing with anxious students who look for a solution in yoga but they never got it. There were days where I felt hopeless for not doing nothing for them. Then, I realized that I was in the right place with Meera Acharya, she herself and the yoga course are certified by Yoga Alliance, it prepared me to teach yoga. Can you imagine that you’re able to transfer this experience to other people?

I saw the certification as my objective, but then I realized that the life-changing experience and new yoga vision are the true rewards of the yoga TTC. And the most important thing is that I’m able to share and teach other yoga participants in my home country. Meera’s vision has inspired me the most of how to practice and teach yoga now. Helping other people with their confidence issues, stress condition, illness, weren’t the concerns of my yoga teaching, 200 hours yoga teacher training with Meera Acharya has changed it forever. Today, I can deal with any kinds of yoga student and take them to the depth of yoga practices and help them with their particular issues.