Give a facelift to your vehicle with a car cleaning, follow the steps!

Car Interior Cleaning

With all the obligations we have on a daily basis, we no longer have time to look after our car. As we spend a lot of time, it would be more correct to carry out a regular car cleaning, as if it were a second home.

Take the bull by the horns and discover how to carry out a car wash so that it is completely nickel, inside and outside. The trick s that is presented will help you hone your car wash in record time!

Step 1: car interior cleaning

The interior of a vehicle must always be well-kept and tidy so that you are always perfectly comfortable in the driver’s seat. You should know that a well-maintained interior is an added value in case of resale and push the buyer to make an offer.

You’ll be surprised by the simplicity of the tips: unsuspected car cleaning products that are already at home will also be revealed. To achieve a good interior car cleaning, you must proceed step by step:

1- Vacuum all corners and corners of the vehicle to remove all particles (dust, sand, animal hair, etc.), garbage, and unnecessary pieces of paper that drag in the cabin. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the hardest corners to reach.

2- Fabric surfaces and carpets:  use a cloth previously soaked in hydrogen peroxide to rub and remove unsightly stains on carpets and upholstery. Baking soda is still very effective in deodorizing the interior of the vehicle: sprinkle it evenly over carpets, on the carpet and on the seats, and wait 15 minutes before vacuuming. Seats and upholstery should be scrubbed with a microfiber after spraying with a special product that you will find easily in the usual shops.

3- Plastic surfaces use “dishwashing liquid” or a mild abrasive detergent. Then take a sponge to clean them and do not forget to rinse. Start at the bottom of the doors using a brush. Warning! Avoid using products to clean the parts near electronic equipment and meters: just wipe a cloth vigorously. You can moisten and spin a microfiber before using it to clean the doors and dashboard. Do not forget the speakers and the air grills: rub lightly with a toothbrush. Finish cleaning plastic element swiping with a soft cloth that does not fluff or with chamois leather. If you want to restore vividness to discolored plastics, scrub with a cloth soaked in fabric softener. Thanks to this trick, your dashboard will find its former glory. Remove stains with a cloth soaked in alcohol at 90 ° C.

4- Regular carpet cleaning is essential to keep the vehicle clean. If stains do not go away, wash them with detergent and a brush. Once dried, the carpets can be put back in their place: note that impervious carpeting lets moisture pass through the bodywork of your vehicle and may accelerate its deterioration.

5- The windshield and windows with a solution composed of 25% white vinegar and 75% water. If you want to buy a special glass cleaner, choose silicate-free products.

Step 2: The car wash outside

The exterior beauty of your car is the first impression we leave: it is therefore important to look after your image by performing a proper and regular maintenance. It should be noted that these are tips for successful outdoor washing and not miracle solutions that can erase scratches.

1- The bodywork of your car: the washing with the karcher makes it possible to well clean your car of all the impurities which are encrusted on the outside. But if the paint has tarnished, think polisher your car to fix it. First, you must understand that this operation must be carried out in dry weather and in the shade. If you have just washed your car, wait until it has dried before using a polish. Avoid doing so under the sun or in the rain, even when it only spits. When the polish is applied to a moistened surface, indelible stains are formed. The polisher must not touch the plastic parts: in fact, it leaves very unpleasant whitish spots which are eliminated only with specific products. The polish is an abrasive product that nibbles a tiny layer of paint or varnish to make room for the part that is just below. This process to beautify the bodywork should not be repeated several times otherwise it will disappear all paint. Before use, shake the bottle, then on a perfectly dry surface; make small circular movements to apply the product with a clean and soft cloth. Wait a few minutes. As soon as you see a whitish deposit, gloss with a soft, dry cloth for a good two hours. You will be totally delighted by the result!

2- The outer panes can be washed with large amounts of water, but the ¼ white vinegar and formula water formula is very effective in cleaning them properly if you do not have suitable products at home.

3- The headlights have become opaque under the effect of the weather and the sun; you can give them a new youth by using an inexpensive but very effective product: apply toothpaste on the entire surface that has already been washed and make circular movements. Rinse thoroughly until all traces have disappeared, then dry with a dry, soft cloth.

4- The chrome parts (rims, hubcaps, doorknobs, etc.), they can be cleaned with household product used to polish the silverware, but they also shine if you pass Marseille soap and you dry, then with a chamois without rinsing. Use ashes, talc or chalk powder to rub them and give them an incomparable sparkle. Avoid rust by coating your rims or hubcaps with marine polish or neutral wax