How to Get rid of Dark Lips Naturally?

Every woman dies hard for getting pink soft lips. Your smile will be even prettier, if your lips look pink. Nowadays, pigmentation and dark lips are found to be a constant problem. Some of the major reasons for pigmentation are excess intake of coffee or tea, skin exposure to sun, neglect on your skin. Even smoking is also one among the reasons for pigmentation. Instead of using expensive lip peels and scrubs, you can make some homemade lip packs by yourself to remove ugly and dark pigmentation. Below are some of the easy ways to get rid of dark lips naturally.

 Dark Lips Naturally to Pink Lips1.Lemon honey lip serum: Lip serum made of lemon and honey is a great combination to nourish your lips and remove tan on your lips. Mix equal quantity of lemon juice and honey to prepare tan removing serum. The citrus extracts present in lemon will peel off the tan present on your lips and the honey nourishes your lips and helps to get pink color beautiful lips. Prepare the serum and keep it in refrigerator if you want to apply the serum many times in a day. The pigmentation and tan on your lips can be removed completely by applying the serum four times in a day

2.Sleep with glycerine: Other than improper maintenance and sun exposure, even dry lips cause pigmented lips. Every night before going to bed, apply glycerine to your lips using a cotton. This treatment helps drying of lips and retains moisture in your lips as a result of which you can get rid of dry and dark lips.

3.A Beet-root slice: You might be wondering what this beet root would do. Slice or chop the beet-root into pieces and keep it in your refrigerator. During your leisure time, simply massage the juicy piece of beet-root over your lips. The tan on your lips will be removed naturally and also pink lips will be yours in a very few days.