Foods that eliminate bad breath


When a person wakes up after a nap due to no saliva flow inside the mouth will smell bad or after having specific foods such as Onion, Garlic or even spicy food our breath may be bad. When our breath is bad we feel a small irritation in ourselves to speak with someone thinking what the person would feel about us. In order to know whether our breath smells you have different methods to find it out. The first way is you can take a piece of gauze and wipe it on the tongue and if you notice gauze with yellow color or smell it indicates that our mouth has sulfide content. Another way is to lick back of your hand and smell it after 10 minutes.

Now, How to get rid of them? Here are a few tips for you.

1)      When you wake up in the morning after brushing your teeth scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper in order to remove bacteria, fungi and dead cells.

2)      Replacing your toothbrush after two or three months is very important

3)      After brushing your teeth, it’s better to drink a glass of cool water every day in order to clean your throat. This is especially for morning breath.

4)      Drink bounty of water throughout the day, which cleans your mouth fresh instead of sipping only after meals.

5)      Chew antiseptic seeds which help you fight halitosis- causing bacteria. Example: A handful of cloves, aniseeds or fennel seeds will work.

6)      For a mouth freshening burst of flavor chew a piece of lemon or orange, the citric acid present will stimulate the salivary glands and fight bad breath.

7)      Chew green plants containing chlorophyll, which neutralizes bad odor. Example: fresh sprig of parsley, mint, basil or cilantro.

8)      Chew gum which has zero sugar. This also helps as gums increase the salivary flow reduces bad breath.

9)      Have regular dental checkup in order to clean your teeth once in a while.