Fishtail Braids For Little Girls – How To Achieve It In Different Styles

Fishtail Braids For Little Girls

Braided hairstyles are loved by almost every girl and they always want to achieve the look in summer when the temperatures go scorching hot. The hairstyle is a perfection choice to go for when everything is going sticky and so does your hair. In addition, it’s a perfect hairstyle to achieve when it comes to its stylish and beautiful looks. The hairstyle is achieved in quite a few different variations and it is important that you know all or, at least, most of them so that you can vary things up and add interest to your girls’ stylish looks. Here we’ll be discussing how you can achieve the simple fishtail braids and then do a couple of variations of the style to let you know what options are available and exactly how you can do it.

How To Create Fishtail Braids?

Let’s start off with a simple fishtail braids hairstyle for girls as you can find it at Mr Kids Haircuts and many other hairstyle databases online. Below are the steps you need to follow to achieve a simple fishtail braided look.

  1. Start by creating wide triangle-shaped section on top.
  2. Create two even parts by splitting that triangle section into two.
  3. Now, cross the section on the left over the one on the right.
  4. Take some hair from outer right side and make it go crossing over towards the left. Make sure that the sections towards back of her head are kept steady and none of them are twisted.
  5. Next, take some hair from outer left side and make it go crossing over towards the right.
  6. Repeat these two steps and continue taking hair from outside and then crossing them over to other side of the head until you have no hair left behind to do that.
  7. When you have no more hair to do that, take right outer section and make it go crossing over to the left and then take left outer section to make it go crossing over to the other side. Repeat.
  8. Use some ponytail holder and secure it.
  9. Finally, you’ll have a perfect looking braided hairstyle that your girl will love.

Remember here that fishtail braids tend to loosen up inherently and, therefore, you should try to ensure that your girl’s head remains still during the process. Besides, if one of the sides is comparatively tighter than other side, some strands can be pulled lightly to loosen it up and keep the two sides in balance.

How To Create French Fishtail Braid?

French fishtail braid is a cool variation of the original braided hairstyle. It looks so cool on little girls as well. The steps to achieve the look differ somewhat as well. Let’s check out how it is achieved.

  1. Grab some hair at crown of her head and try keeping it somewhere around eye level while making sure that you keep it in the center.
  2. Now, split this hair section into two to have a right and a left half.
  3. Pull a thin layer of hair from left side of her head. Also, try to ensure that you grab this layer from her hairline. This layer should be thin and must not go bigger than half an inch.
  4. Pull a thin layer of hair across left section to make it go towards the one on the right.
  5. The thin layer of hair should now be tucked under right hair section to make it feel as if it were a part of that section.
  6. Next, pull a thin layer of hair from right side and ensure that it’s at same distance from center of the head as other layer that you had pulled from left. The thickness should also be the same.
  7. Pull a thin layer of hair across right section to make it go towards the one on the left.
  8. The thin layer of hair should now be tucked under left hair section to make it feel as if it were a part of that section.
  9. Pull up another section from the center and keep it the same size as the first. Fold this section across towards the left as was the case earlier.
  10. Continue to alternate the sides till you’re at the base. Here you can either tie off her hair or continue to braid in same fashion.
  11. If you’re braiding further, use the same pattern as above and try keeping the braid tighter and smoother. It can always be tussled up later.
  12. Finally, tie her braid off with an appropriate hair tie leaving almost an inch of hair behind.
  13. You can give her fishtail braid a bit of messy look by tugging on edges gently. Remember that if the hair has so many layer then it will already be a messy braid without you having to do anything.

How To Create Fishtail Pigtails

Pigtails always look cool on little girls whether they want to achieve it for school or for any special occasion. The best part is that you can make the pigtails look even more stylish by achieving it in fishtail style. Here is how to do that.

  1. Brush her hair to get rid of any tangles that may exist.
  2. Split the hair into a couple of equal sections and secure each of the sides using an elastic band so that these two parts remain separated.
  3. Remove elastic band on the side that you’re going to work with first and split this side into a couple of equal sections as well.
  4. Pull small hair section from front of the frontal section.
  5. Make the small section go crossing over the section at the front and add it to the bigger section towards the back.
  6. Take a small hair section from a side of back section and make it go crossing over the section on the back and then add it in larger frontal section.
  7. Repeat the process and alternately remove smaller hair sections from side of both the bigger sections and add them to bigger hair sections on the opposite side.
  8. Once you’re at the bottom of the hair length, it’s time to secure the ends using an elastic hair band.
  9. Once done with this side, remove elastic band you had put on the other side that hasn’t been braided yet and part it into a couple of equal sections.
  10. Repeat the steps given above to achieve the fishtail braids and create the pigtail on this side as well. Similarly, use the elastic band to secure it once you’ve reached the bottom.

So, these are some of the cool variations of fishtail braids that you can try with your little girl’s hair to give her a cute and beautiful look. She will love it and so will everyone else who’ll get to look at her.