Explore the Amazing Advantages of Using Instagram for Your Business


Instagram is one of the most popular and versatile social media platforms and enjoys a massive following. This was the social media channel that had shown so much promise and potential that Mark Zuckerberg, the famous CEO of Facebook did not hesitate to buy it for $1billion only 18 months post its launch. Needless to mention, this platform has never looked back ever since. Today Instagram has over 800 MAUs and it is growing consistently.

Businesses have realized the importance of this rapidly-growing social media platform. Instagram is an integral part of the marketing strategy of most businesses. They are constantly leveraging this social media platform to acquire the desired outcomes. If you take into consideration the world’s top 100 brands, you would soon realize that 90 percent of them have already opened an Instagram account. This is simply because the companies have understood that there would be benefits galore if they stuck to this popular social media networking site.  Here are some of the benefits that businesses could enjoy by leveraging the platform.

Instagram Is the Most Rapidly Growing Social Media Site

Are you thinking of incorporating Instagram effectively into your unique social media marketing strategy? You are heading in the right direction. You must be wondering how you could integrate Instagram into your marketing strategy. Within three years, Instagram had grown to over 150 million users which was a much faster growth trajectory as compared to Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest. Moreover, statistics have revealed that over 50 percent of the total users are located outside the United States and this demonstrates that the global reach of this social media platform is certainly growing. Beyond just the rapid expansion and popularity of Instagram, this platform is included in the social media marketing and promotion strategy of businesses because it offers a host of other benefits.

Scope for Visual Marketing

Instagram is fundamentally a visual platform. Until recently it was regarded as a photo-sharing app. Even though it has proved to be much more than merely an image-sharing app, this platform is purely a visual platform and showcases high-quality visual content. We all appreciate the fact that a picture could speak volumes. As content creators and marketers, you would certainly wish to take maximum advantage of photos as an important part of your business’s content marketing strategy.

Visual marketing is very much in vogue. Consumers are looking for pictures and the content marketers are required to provide them. Would you read each and every post on Facebook? Most probably not! But what about the pictures? You do stop and see a majority of these stunning visuals. Whenever you post a well-crafted photo on your social networking site, you get a phenomenal response. Instagram is, therefore, a very popular platform and has achieved phenomenal success because of the high-resolution pictures that are shared on this platform. Instagram is supposed to be a complete feed of truly a visual stimulation boosting interaction and engagement at the highest possible levels. If you could witness the success associated with visual marketing on some other social media platforms, you could well imagine the possibilities you would be encountering on a social media site that is exclusively and completely dedicated to visual marketing.

Phenomenal Engagement Levels

Experts believe that Instagram posts achieve the highest engagement levels. Your target audience would certainly be attracted to stunning pictures of your products and high-quality photos of behind-the-scenes activities of your company. Several studies and blogs claim that Instagram engagement levels seem to be much higher as compared to any other site. The actual number and ratio of comments and likes on Instagram posts remarkably surpass both the number and ratio of comments and likes on any other social networking site. Moreover, you could grow online easily with IGERSLIKE.

High Visibility of Your Posts

Instagram posts generally are able to grab high engagement levels simply because Instagram posts are known to be highly visible. Instagram does not have any algorithm that would be selectively showcasing your posts. Remember if you are on Instagram, all your posts would be appearing in the feeds of all your followers. If hashtags are used strategically, you could further boost your posts’ exposure to new users who may like your post or comment on it and may even start following you.

Your Instagram posts are supposed to live on forever. They do not get archived or disappear like old tweets. Moreover, they are not lost or buried deep down your stream, unlike Facebook.  Your profile would be showcasing every single post that you have shared ever with just a quick scroll. This could be truly fantastic and a helpful way for all your new followers to effectively connect with your specific brand.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Today, you could surely drive more traffic to your website thanks to the Instagram. All you need to remember is to post a link in your bio to your website. Your bio is supposed to be the only place where you could strategically place an active hyperlink, as far as your Instagram account is concerned. Using CTAs or mentioning your website in the comments of your posts is supposed to be effective ways of generating traffic to your website. Experts also recommend a precise landing page from the company website as the URL in your Instagram bio for capitalizing on all those visitors from Instagram.

Good at Generating & Boosting Sales

You must use professional-looking pictures for promoting your products. With Instagram, highlighting your products has become really easier or far more affordable. Instagram is a visual platform that generates engagement and boosts sales because of the high-quality pictures that are showcased on the platform.

You must, however, be careful about not bombarding your feed with product pictures that have the same old and boring captions such as ‘shop online’ or ‘buy now’ etc. Instead, you could think about creative and innovative ways of displaying your products and allow your pictures to do the speaking rather, selling.


As Instagram is gaining more traction and attracting more users, it is becoming a robust platform for marketers and businesses. The long-term benefits and solutions that are offered by Instagram for your businesses are incredible and inescapable. If you are still not on Instagram, gear up to be an Instagrammer, as soon as possible, if you wish to emerge as an ultimate winner in your business.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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