Ever Refreshing Coconut Water


The liquid found inside a juvenile green coconut is nothing but Coconut water. It is known for its refreshing taste along with health benefitting properties and nutrients. Coconut water is rich in sugar, minerals, electrolytes and rich sugar, which is obtained in the natural form. Studies on coconut water have shown that coconuts contain cytokinins, which has significant antithrombotic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging effects. It has zero cholesterol and is fat-free, as a result of which it amplifies the level of HDL in the body.

Weight losing property of tender coconut: As coconut water contains less fat, it helps in losing one’s weight easily. After drinking this refreshing water, one feels full and food cravings will be reduced. Coconut water mainly contains B-complex vitamins like folates, pyridoxine, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin.

Skin profits from coconut water: To maintain your skin color, texture you have to make a habit of drinking coconut water. When the affected skin area with eczema, cellulite, stretch marks, spots, acne, and wrinkles is applied with tender coconut water and left overnight for 15 to 20 days, then it will clear your skin and gives a more youthful –smooth looking skin. It was repaired and smoothening properties, hence many people apply, this refreshing water to nails and hands.

The remedy against kidney diseases: As coconut water contains magnesium, potassium, and minerals, it is good for people suffering from kidney stones. It acts as a diuretic because it increases the production and flow of urine. Most of the urologists recommend the patients suffering from kidney problem to drink coconut water alternative day, as it is having the capacity to reduce kidney stone size. Eventually, the kidney stone will be eliminated by consumption of coconut water.

This health drink is now available in tetra packs in supermarkets. Keep your health fit in an easy way by drinking the energy drink – Coconut water.