Earn enough rental revenue

Earn enough rental revenue

Earn enough rental revenue 

Those who want to avail a property for the side income of rent needs to check a few things while going for the property. In many cases, people prefer to get a preleased property so that it can have quick income. Pre-rented or preleased property makes a residential or commercial, or industrial property that has already been chartered to a tenant and earns the monthly rental revenue to the person who owns the property. Preleased property is thought to be the better mode of investing or the most secure choice within the real estate segment.

Preleased commercial property in Ghaziabad will be all set to move in. Hence there exists no apprehension of the poor quality of construction and delayed possession. You are familiar with the tenant profile and financial background, and terms of the lease can be confirmed. There are the least chances of being deceived. Because the asset has been built already, therefore there is no need to shell out the GST. Verification of tenant or building can be done any time because you are going to purchase the property that is all set to move in and the tenant who is already there or a new one may be verified whenever you want.

Necessary things to take into account at the time of buying preleased property 


Kind and age of the particular building make very important factor at the time of deciding for investment in pre-rented commercial property for sale in Ghaziabad. The new building having the grade “A” workplaces may obtain good revenue. You are needed to make sure the load bearing capacity relating to the floors, distance from column to the column if it is high, it is better. The height from the floor to the ceiling, if it is 12 + for office spaces, it is better. It must be LEED energy efficient certified or green buildings will be the most preferred in the future. The building must as well contain sufficient power back, and better quality lifts that are enough in number.

 Tenant profile

 Tenant profile forms the one amid the big features to be viewed at the time of investing in preleased assets. Tenant is required to possess dependable income source, enhancing business, and growth in future.

Lease Term

A long lease term can be said to be the best which depends on the situation of the market. In case extreme ascending revival within rentals is viewed in the future, in that case, short leases may as well be preferred.

Lock-in period

Lock-in period must be taken as the lowest term which a tenant ought to serve or shell out for the period. High lock-in offers good safety for your investment.

Time entry-exit deposit, rent rise and rent

The deposit must cover as a minimum on average electricity bills for three months and also maintenance charges. While speaking about the long lock-in, it is necessary that the deposit must be high to make it definite the tenant may be capable of meeting the obligations. The yearly rental rise may be favoured over rise subsequent to three to four years.