Do you want treatments without medication? Try Naturopathy!

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These days, people take pills for almost every health problem they face, be it Flu, Inflammation, Headache, Weakness, Stress, or indigestion. And even though everyone knows that these pills are just masking the symptoms and not really curing the actual problem hidden underneath somewhere, they still don’t look for an option.

 As if these medicines are the only option available, people choose to consume medicines their entire life! 

You’d be surprised to know that until mid 1950s, we considered tobacco to be completely harmless, but now it is one of the major cause of cancer worldwide. The contemporary medical science has evolved over just a few centuries, while the traditional healthcare systems such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Naturopathy treatment, etc. have been in practice for thousands of years. 

These alternative medicines are based on the principles of mother nature and they focus less on medicines and more on empowering the body to heal itself. Therapies like Shirodhara, Mud Therapy, Shatkarma, Acupuncture, etc. are the most basic Naturopathy treatments that can help you resolve your health issues without any medicine. 

All you need to do is visit the best Naturopathy centre in India, and feel alive again, through… 

  1. Shirodhara Treatment

This is an ancient therapy which is also called the bliss therapy because of the deep relaxation it gives to the body. A thin stream of warm medicated oils is concentrated on the forehead, right above the location of essential endocrine glands. It calms the nerves and prompts the release of hormones that boost healing process across the body. Shirodhara helps you calm down your nerves and get all your body systems in rhythm. 

  1. Mud Therapy

Being one of the five basic elements of life – Earth contains a huge amount of minerals and organic matter that helps rejuvenate your body. Mud therapy helps a person to get relief from pain, inflammation, fatigue, stress, and skin problems. Also, mud therapy is a great way to eliminate the toxins through the skin and detoxify the body. Mud therapy is one of the most ancient and most effective therapy in the world. 

  1. Shatkarma

With the rising pollution in air and water and the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture, daily a huge amount of toxic chemicals get inside of our body and remains accumulated. Until you remove them from your system, all the food and medicines can’t create their desired effect on your body. Shatkarma  is a combination of six detoxification procedures that purifies your mind, body, and soul. Through systemic detoxification, you can rejuvenate your body and avail maximum health benefits. 

  1. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a key part of traditional Chinese medicines. It helps in reviving the energy transmission  system of your body by removing energy blockades. As your body is able to heal itself through innate healing mechanisms, opening up of energy channels boosts this natural process and improves your health. Specially designed needles are inserted at specific energy points in your body to clear the blocks. It helps in getting relief from pain and inflammation, and boosts the overall body systems. 

Conclusion: At a wellness retreat in India, you can experience all these alternative systems of medicine that help in attaining holistic wellness. With Naturopathy treatment, you don’t need to consume medicines that usually end up complicating the overall health. At a Naturopathy centre, you can empower your body to heal itself with the help of Naturopathy treatment. Nimba Naturecure is the Naturopathy centre which has been conferred with the Today’s Traveller Award 2018 for the best Naturopathy centre in India. Come to Nimba and experience the real medicine free treatments.