Conquer Your Fears- Here are Tips to Prepare for Your NATA Exam

NATA Study Material

NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) is an entrance examination conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture. It is a crucial exam for architecture students and many recognized institutions consider its score for admission. So, it’s quite obvious any student aspiring to become an architect will undergo the NATA processing. However, it’s not that easy, NATA is a highly competitive entrance examination. About 40 thousand students every year appear for the exam for 1845 seats.

You need to plan ahead, cut down on time guzzling endeavours and focus on your syllabus. The test will cover the topics from General Knowledge, Mathematics, and Drawing. You need to be conversant with these subjects and finish the test on time. The final examination is divided into 2 parts, the former is focused on the academic and reasoning section when the later tests your drawing skills. Its mildly clear that your usual preparation module won’t work, you need to adopt a new one. Well, here are some tips to prepare for the NATA examination-

  • The very first thing you need to do is plan everything. And it’s not about planning weekly or monthly but what we are talking about is daily planning. You plan, you study, and you finish what you planned. Daily completing your planned topics will give you a great deal of confidence and to plan you mock tests too. Regular students don’t practice this and demolish their chance to test or to revise thegained knowledge.
  • Now, keep in mind what subjects to prepare and cut down on any wasteful topics. You don’t need to kill your time and energy which could have been used for something productive.
  • You can prepare for the academic test, but for the drawing part, you need to practice daily, don’t just focus on sketching but also see the technicality behind the art.
  • Mock tests are the best way to judge your preparation. Try to attempt as many mock tests as you can and treat them as the real deal. Also, go through as many NATA Sample Papers as you glide your way through all the topics.
  • Now the golden rule to prepare for any exam is time management. If you have mastered this you can master anything. According to your preference and knowledge divide your time between each subject daily. This way you can keep everything fresh and maintain balance and harmony. Managing time looks very fascinating, some of you might have imagined yourself doing till now but it’s the hardest thing to do. A Tip- keep your priorities straight its not actually time which you have to manage it’s yourself.
  • Join a coaching institute if you can, they provide a good source of knowledge, tips, and tricks to clear the NATA entrance. They provide you with a lot of resources like NATA study material, e-books, online modules and access to their expert teachers and library. They will help you manage your time and will possibly improve your NATA result. This is the reason why the maximum top scorers are from these coaching institutions.