Changes in Technology and Human Life Because of AI.

Technology and Human Life Because

Have you seen the films IRobot and Terminator? Both the films have one common storyline – the rise of machines and robots versus the human mind. Yes, they got designed by the human brain and mind. Then the same robots outsmart and become enemies to human race. But that is a long way in the future. At present, AI promises to save manual labor and valuable time. In this article on changes in Technology and Human life because of AI, we give you the details.

The AI industry is going to grow huge. As per a estimate, it will touch $46 billion in the year 2020. And the most important fact, the rise shows no signs of slowing down. In the next few years, AI will be the next best step to advance the parameters of  products/services. There will be also an improvement in performance.

Does it mean AI will cause changes in technology and human life in the future? Let us look into the points one by one.

  1. Improvement In Efficiency and Output Because of AI

There may exist flaws in new technologies. Let us take, for example,  the automobile industry. Many years went by, before they could put regulation for human safety. But when AI comes to the market, it can enhance the result because of efficiency. It can also give rise to new opportunities for generation of revenue.

  1. Manual Labor Time

There exists different strata of society. In the form of manual labor. With due insights in technology, machines can complete half of the human tasks. So, human brain can focus on creative and interpersonal issues.

Businesses stand to benefit as there will be a major decrease in operation costs. Automation will make human labor look for greener pastures. It will be more related to saving of nature and development of greener technology.

  1. Strengthens The Economy

On one side are the optimists who say AI will create more jobs. Their opposite, the pessimists counter attack by saying AI will destroy humane jobs. Looks like a fact of fiction. Doesn’t it? The industry is still in its nascent stage. So, a gradual evolution will come in the job market. With right preparation, people can still work. But it will be with greater efficiency and better precision. The human mind, brain and AI will become a potent combination. The two, combined, is sure to become the workforce for the future.

  1.  Can Lead To Monitoring With Precision

It is a fact, that AI can get used in places where human life cannot survive. Just imagine the iron rod manufacturing industries. Do you think a worker can do manual jobs in the hot weather? But a machine coupled with AI can, with ease, work on the same environment. The reason – development and design. But yes, there exists a challenge. It is a machine developed by man. You can program the working system to execute a task. If a minor error occurs, then there will be faults in all products. So, a close monitoring is essential to make the AI give the best performance.

  1. Human Lifestyle

In the future, more advanced technology will arise. There are personal virtual assistants such as Siri and the Snooze option in emails. In the western countries, AI has helped home improvement industry in all quarters. Example – building of greener homes, better security and many more. Even human health stands to benefit. The reason – there may be chances of robot nurses and brothers in hospitals.

  1. Telemedicine

AI is also used in medicine. To prescribe treatment at speed. In US, many hospitals advice telemedicine screenings. The reason – patients in remote areas get the facility to have doctors. Even patients in remote areas can get the best medical treatment.

By this smart machines, the lifespan of humans will also increase along with the quality of life.

  1. Social Media Platforms

Social media and digital marketing is here to stay. Period. But there are reports of sabotage in data. The design of AI is by humans. A small twist, here and there and the entire product goes for a toss. Have you seen the famous Tamil film Robot? The scientists designs a robot for positive reasons, while the villain turns it to be a monster. This should not happen. Do you want an example? The algorithm of Facebook influenced a election in one of the powerful nations of the world.

  • 8. AI in Agriculture

Are you, our loyal reader surprised that we have included agriculture in the list? Cmon, it must be a joke. Where is AI and agriculture? The combination. No, it is not a joke. In fact, agriculture faces a shortage of manual laborers in many Asian countries. The future will have agricultural tools With automation and efficiency. Then, it will sure make a positive impact on the agriculture market.

9. AI in Call Centers

In few years, there may exist no call centers. The reason – AI. Chatbots have come, and they have made a tremendous change in customer care service. Many of the companies with call centers have automated 50 % of the customer’s questions. The other fifty percent gets handled by professionals because of new situations.

10. Energy and Mining

There exists the deep sea oil refineries. Coupled with machine learning, this industry can partake drilling operations. They can also get perfect info from seismic vibration. In all, the new industry can help scientists have perfect analysis. They do not have to identify repair or failure in equipment and determine location of new oil wells.

10. AI in Retail

AI can definitely store information about the customer preferences to the businesses. This will give them a competitive advantage over others who have not yet embraced the new technology. Retailers can tailor their advertising strategy as per the customer preferences. They can then make more number of customers.


There is a famous proverb – Change is permanent and stagnation is death. The proverb applies more in the business field. To be honest, the mantra “innovate or perish” exists in all facts of life, not to mention any business. Now AI has stepped into even the home improvement industry. Visualize the smart home appliances, for two minutes. You have the smart fridge, smart washing machine, and smart mobile. Now, why are they needed? You bet. Villages have become cities. Urbanites have short time for themselves. In these circumstances, it is lucky human race has these appliances.

The lifespan of elders has risen all over the globe. In old age, memory loss is high volatile issue. So, these smart home appliances can help old age live their life peacefully. There is no reason for them to remember the time to switch off the machine. They can program the alerts. In recent times, home maintenance companies have sprung up in major cities such as Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. So, if the washing machine suffers a problem, then you do not have to search for referrals. You can call the home maintenance company, a chatbot will answer your questions. You can then place the request for the repair or service. Then, a qualified professional from the best washing machine service center in Hyderabad will come to your home to rectify the problem.

Please note, adoption of AI will vary as per the industry. Till we meet again, please subscribe to our newsletter for future updates.