A special birthday fruit basket

A special birthday fruit basket

Instead of eating only chocolates, cookies, cakes or confectionery items on special occasions, people can enjoy something wholesome. The sweet savored items are often diabetic and do not supply any nutrition to the body. So, people can eat something that is tasty, yet nutritious to the body. So, they can eat plenty of fruits on […]

Practical ways to be happy in a relationship

Practical ways to be happy in a relationship

A relationship needs lots of dedication and hard work, anything that grows need attention. Consider relationship as a plant it also needs love as water and nonjudgmental environment as soil to grow fruitfully, it is the basic rules for a happy relationship. Sometimes it needs more attention during the tough seasons but the constant care […]

Suhua Highway

Driven By The World’s Second Cliff Road

The most exciting and spectacular road to the island around Taiwan is the Suhua Highway from Hualien to Suao Town, Yilan County. The Suhua Highway is about 118 kilometers long. Because the highway is built along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, it can be seen as a world-class landscape road along the west coast of […]

China Tourism

The Top Ten Most Expensive Tourist Attractions in China

Below  Are the Most Expensive Tourist Attractions in China The three holes of Qufu – Confucius, Confucius Temple and Kong Lin of Qufu, collectively referred to as “three holes”, are the commemoration of Confucius in China’s dynasties, praising the representation of Confucianism, with rich cultural heritage, long history, large scale, rich cultural relics, and science. […]

Changbai Mountain

Chinese top ten famous mountains

After reading the west slope of Changbai Mountain, we came directly to the Grand Canyon. The Jinjiang Grand Canyon is located on the west slope of the Tianchi Lake in Changbai Mountain. The Jinjiang Grand Canyon is 70 kilometers long and has an average depth of more than 80 meters and a width of more than […]

scarves for women

My Gamchha Stole and Scarf

Gamchha is one of the vintage form hand weaving product. It was extensively used in warmer and humid region of India due to its absorbing nature and breathable quality. Over the period Gamchha has been limited to a particular section and gender of society. Now,most people use gamchha when they are out in the sunrays, […]