Advantages of EKart API Integration Today

EKart API integration is one of the must-haves for ecommerce sites to enable a seamless transaction of services. It enables easy order management, accessing information on prices, as well as product details. Ecommerce vendors usually integrate API to contribute to easy connection of application with other systems. You can effortlessly create brief catalogue of product, […]

Make Your Elevator Pitch Work

Make Your Elevator Pitch Work

Ensure your discourse incorporates the nuts and bolts. For example, elevator ad services, what your business does, the advantages you offer (particularly when your opposition doesn’t do x,y or z), and why they have to pick you. Give them a motivation to pick you on the spot, for example, a constrained time offer or what […]


How to Check Your EPF Balance

How to check EPF balance India Provident Fund, generally called Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a security scheme that serves as a saving tool for  employees. An equal amount of money is contributed by the  Employer and the employee that can be obtained by the employee after his retirement or when he quits the job. […]

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Many specialty stores in more goods sold plus size wedding dresses. Sincé they also sell clothing for business and a daily selection of formal wear and wedding might not be too impressive either. However, it is worth a look. You can find the gown of your dreams in one of these stores. Since it was designed […]

Winter wear for women

New 50 Modern and Luxury Living Room Ideas

During winter shopping, you may notice that many people invest on the thermal wear. Have you ever thought why they purchase thermal wear instead of other winter wear? If yes, then read out the article completely. Here, you will come to know the real benefits and significance of wearing thermals during chilly winter. Significance of […]