How to choose a good pressure washer for your need?

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How to choose a good pressure washer for your need?

Along with the refrigerator, the pressure washer has become an indispensable electronic appliance for many families to keep their home hygienic and clean. However, there are a lot of technologies and brands of pressure washer are being sold on the market, choosing the right product that best suits your needs is not easy. Therefore, almost people not sure which power washer to buy. It is the reason why you should read the post carefully to make sure that you will have full and useful information for buying good washer for your own.

What is pressure washer?

High pressure washers, also referred to as high-pressure washers, are used for cleaning machines, boats, workshops and characterized by high water pressure. General in the market today are high-pressure car washers, specialized for cleaning cars, motorcycles and factories with a capacity ranging from 1.3kw-3kw.

Structure of pressure washer

Basically, the composition of a high-pressure washer, car wash or industrial washing machine is the same, including parts such as

  • pump head
  • motor
  • water pipes, high pressure pipes, nozzles and etc. (collectively referred to as accessories)

On the market today there are pumps powered by diesel, gasoline, electricity .. but the electric type is most preferred by the stability. easy to install and transport. The quality between the car wash series, mostly in the motor and pump head, high-pressure washers or high-pressure washers, industrial washing machines will have a more durable, The performance is higher, and of course the price will be higher than the cheap high-pressure washer.

Type of pressure washer

In order to choose a car wash machine, we are currently based on criteria such as capacity, utility, and origin, regardless of which criteria, the most important is still meet the needs of the village, body, stable operation time and moderate price.

High-pressure washing car family

As mentioned above, the car washing machine market is very diverse, depending on the purpose of which we choose the capacity for a reasonable. Typical power is from 1.2kw-3kw. Therefore, if you use it to clean your car or use a high-pressure cleaner to wash the car, the power of <2.5kw is reasonable for you to use. Price segment is not too high and ranging from 3-6 million.These mini-scooters are usually from Taiwan but recently there have been a number of large car washers, originating in Germany and Japan, engaged in segment production.

Industrial high pressure washers

This is a line of car wash machine made of good material and durable operation time. Furthermore, it also meets the requirements for ship cleaning, workshop or car wash. These industrial washers have a capacity of> 2.5kw, with electric machines having either single phase or three phase motors, which meet the needs of users. Some distributors of this car washing machine quite prestigious such as Bosch, V-jet, Kocu, Lutian, Hikari, Hiroma and etc.


This is a very important factor when choosing a pressure washer. In terms of brand names, domestic pressure washer with international brands are the cheapest, followed by pressure washer manufactured in third countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and etc. The most expensive are the washing machines made in Japan or Europe, however, their prices are the most expensive, less for the majority. Furthermore, you can also find and buy old pressure washer to save your money as well.

Hope that after the post, you will have useful information for your choose best pressure washer machine for your house. Choosing a good one is not simple, you should spend time to research, as well as asking other people for advice. But following the instruction in this post may help you make decision much easier. Furthermore, if you need more information, you should visit electrical machine supermarket for getting more and try new products.

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