Advertising industry is very vast and growing continuously

Advertising industry

Advertising industry is very vast and growing continuously

For entering in the advertising industry, it is very important to get a complete qualification. There are many advertising colleges in Delhi which educates the students about the advertising and provide them PG diploma in advertising.

Learn some principles in advertising courses

Advertising nowadays has become a very complex activity. Since the advent of the Internet, an activity previously only applicable to traditional media radio, newspaper, television, etc. can now be shown to the audience through a variety of media and channels, among others, websites, ecommerce, blogs, social networks, among many others.

Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC) is an institute providing the post graduate diploma in advertising. If you take a course or several advertising courses, you will undoubtedly hear some of these principles, apply them, expand them and adapt to new media, because they are still highly effective. So, my advice is that you pay close attention to the following points that I am going to present to you, so that when you take your own publicity courses, no one will teach you less than they should!

  1. Learn to sell in your advertising course– An advertising course that does not tell you that your final role is not to be smart or witty. Nor prove that you can find a phrase that expresses an interesting concept. The main role of someone who generates advertising is to sell. Nothing should distract you from this.
  2. Learn to define- what and for whom– Positioning is not a curious term: it is the way in which you determine what a product does and who it is for. Nowadays there is a very valuable plus added to their positioning.
  3. Learn to study the consumer in detail– If this vital step is not made, you will not have the opportunity to produce advertising that is successful and that sells. So, it is very important that you know for whom you are writing, how that audience thinks and what you need.
  4. Do not insult the consumer’s intelligence while advertising any product- you should not underestimate the consumer or believe that he is stupid. It is necessary to think of them as if they were someone close, for example, your wife. You would insult her intelligence if you believed that with a mere slogan and some attractive adjectives you would persuade her to buy something. On the contrary, you have to give all the information that is possible to offer. That is, it is necessary to respect your audience. Every day consumers are bombarded by advertising, much of it that almost arrives or even falls into ridicule. In their eagerness to show how creative, ingenious or intelligent they are, they ignore the fact of giving the necessary information to the public to seduce them to buy.