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8 Free Museums in the USA You Must Explore

8 Free Museums in the USA You Must Explore

Are you looking for some artistic tour in the United States without burning a hole in your pocket? How about taking a tour of the museums in the country that too for free? Yes, here’s a list of free museums in USA you can explore with your friends or family. Sometimes, you don’t even need company to study the cultural diversity. Read on.

The Getty Center, Los Angeles

The Getty Center is among the cheapest date spots in Los Angeles, almost everything is for free. Not just the entry fee, but the visitors are allowed to see the special display, gallery and the curator tours without an extra penny as well. Its classy modern architecture, labyrinth gardens and the awesome city view makes the exterior as attractive as the exhibited paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos, manuscripts, western art and decorative arts by American and European Artists inside the museum.

The Smithsonian Museums, Washington, DC

The Smithsonian Museums is considered to be the largest museum complex in the world housing several free museums in DC (Washington DC). You can explore the museums aligned around the National Mall, such as the American History Museum, National Museum of the American Indian, Air and Space Museum and Natural History Museum. It is quite impossible to appreciate the artistic wonders of The Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC in a single trip. But why do you need to worry about visiting it again? It is for free!

The Museum at Fashion Institute Technology, New York

If you are a fashionista and love to understand different fashion cultures, the museum of Manhattan’s Fashion Institute of Technology is your place for sure and the best part is you get an entry to FTI for free. You will come across three exhibition galleries featuring the selection from the museum’s permanent collection and organizing visiting exhibitions. To offer a contemplative of fashion history, the Fashion and Textile History Gallery undergoes complete change every half-yearly. You can also attend free panel discussions, tours and lectures on style and fashion. Do not worry about the flight tickets to USA; you can get the cheapest air fares at Indian Eagle.

Baltimore Museum of Art

It is one of the best free museums in the US only 1 painting on display. In the present day, you will find more than 90,000 artworks and that too without spending a single penny. Seeing the collection of world’s largest art work – Matisse works, art fanatics go awe-struck. There are also some of the masterpieces by world famous painters like Warhol, Picasso, Van Gogh and Cezanne. Do take a stroll across the sculpture gardens outside in the Charles Village neighborhood once you have explored the exhibition galleries.

Frye Art Museum in Seattle

Frye Art Museum has brought the trend of spreading free art to the Seattle community which was first initiated by its founder in the year 1952. Not just the free museum exhibits, but the visitors also get a chance to partake in the art conversations with the educators and curators and as hour’s interactive tour as well.

National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago

The National Museum of Mexican Art located in Chicago is known to feature a comprehensive range of exhibits portraying the Mexican culture both towards the South of the border and also in the state. It is recognized as the largest Latino cultural formation in the country. You will get to observe over 6,000 pieces of exhibits that covers folk art like Day of the Dead masks, photographs, drawings, prints, embroidered and woven clothing, painting, etc. Traveling

Walters Art Museum in Baltimore

If you are a resident of Baltimore or are on a vacation in the city, search “free museums near me” and one of the top names would be of Walters Art Museum. It exhibits a beautiful and artistic collection of Roman sarcophagi, ancient Greek sculptures, amazing art-deco jewelry and paintings by the masters. The museum is situated in the Mount Vernon neighborhood in Baltimore. You can visit the place with your kids too as it is a family-friendly attraction (museum) offering free entry to both the loaner strollers and families to visit the museum in immense comfort. If you are a keen reader, go through some of the art books in the museum.

The Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago

Last but equally popular is the Museum of Contemporary Photography located in the campus of Columbia College in Chicago. It was founded in the year 1984 and since then, has been the best known photography museum in the country having a motive to provide educators, students and researches a place to delve into contemporary photography.

Make plans to visit these free museums in the US soon.

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