5 Ways to Entertain Kids in Common Places Using Balloons

5 Ways to Entertain Kids in Common Places Using Balloons

Any time you take a kid to any place, he/she craves for fun. Children are the chores of life. They have spontaneity in them which they are born with. If a kid is not running and screaming around here r there, he/she lacks life. We being adults love to see kids having fun and enjoying gatherings. You do not have to arrange a lot of things. Even common and affordable things also get the kids into happiness and love. Such a thing is balloons. You can see balloons anywhere and everywhere. They are so joyous in their appearance that you cannot help but to love them.

Here are 5 ways to use balloons for entertaining your kids in common places.

  • Balloon on the Spoon Race

A Balloon on the Spoon Race

This game is an amazing and unique one. But you have to be a perfectionist to make the balloon fit into the spoon. Balloons of smaller size and lesser inflated can be a good option for this idea. It is better to use bigger spoons, to be specific table spoons for this game. To keep the balloons weighty, fill them with water instead of air. So it will be easier to balance it on the spoon. Kids will love this simple yet funny game. You won’t need to spend much time in preparing but can keep them engaged for a while.

  •  Balloon Race

A Balloon on the Spoon Race

This is another game that not only entertains the player but also the audience. This game needs a bunch of enthusiastic kiddos and equal number of balloons. You can choose coloring or printed balloons to make it look attractive to the kids. First inflate the balloons and call the kids in. Then tell them to keep the balloon between their knees and walk till the finishing line. Remember to aware them of the disqualification rule. Anyone pops or drops the balloon on the ground inside the lap will be out of the game. The fastest one to reach the finishing line will be the winner of this balloon race. But for every participant, keep gifts to encourage and appreciate their efforts. This game is an eye feast for the audience. Order the balloons from balloon delivery Houston to get them in cheaper prices.

  • Burst the Balloon Surprise

Burst the Balloon Surprise

This game needs an indoor place. In one room there will be ‘inflated balloons’ with papers inside. Each balloon will have a paper with a surprise gift mentioned in it. All you need to do is to let each kid get inside the room and pop one balloon. But to keep it patterned, let one kid enter at a time. You can make the thing a little bit funnier by blind folding the kids. Then there will be no chance of favor. So when they pop the balloon, they will be coming out of the room with the cheat. The gift written on the cheat will be his/her. After getting the gift, the smile on the kids face will be worth a million dollar.

  •  Passing the Balloon

Passing the Balloon

This game is an imitation game of passing the pillow. Here make a round with kids and hand them a balloon. Then play the music and tell them to pass the ball to their left person. When the music stops, the person holding the balloon will be out. But as kids will leave the game in a sad face, you can cheer it up by changing the consequence. The kid holding the ball as the music ends will be doing something instead of going out of the game.

  • Catch the Balloon

Catch the Balloon

You can inflate a bigger balloon and drop it from above floor. Then you ask the kids to catch it and put it at a certain place. There will be rounds from which one will come up as winners. Thus there will be semi-finals and finals. The final catcher will be the winner of the game and will get exciting prizes. From birthday balloon delivery sites, you can get such exclusive game balloons.


The above are the easy most ways of keeping the children engage with nothing but a balloon.